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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Take Over Hosted By Stevie J & Joseline, Scrappy & Bambi

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Joseline and Karlie Redd Kinda Sorta Mend Fences

Joseline and Karlie Redd face off again, not in a bad way, just in a reality TV reunion special kind of way. If you remember, the last episode of LHHATL depicted Joseline smacking fire out of Karlie with a bouquet of roses, because she was tired of Karlie bringing her hurtful gossip. Joseline says she could be friends with Karlie again, but that Karlie is too messy too often. Karlie describes her behavior as being a true friend, but the truth is, Karlie Redd is about stirring up drama more for her benefit.

Erica vs. Bambi and Scrappy

Erica and Bambi get into a war of words that turns into Erica and Scrappy getting into it too. Erica gets so mad that she stands up, and is actually ready to scrap, no pun intended, with Scrappy. There’s a lot to that situation that isn’t being revealed beyond the child support situation, because Erica’s anger definitely didn’t just come out of nowhere.

Yung Joc…Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Yung Joc said he’s back with KD, but Sina says she and Joc are still sleeping with each other. Karlie Redd adds that Yung Joc was still trying to get at her as recently as Momma Dee’s wedding. He denies it, but Joseline says she was there when it happened. Nina Parker, the host, even claimed that she saw him dancing with Karlie. Basically, he’s still trifling, KD is a moron, and water is wet. Joseline’s theory is that all these women fight over Yung Joc because he “has good d—k like her husband.” Hey, d-matization is a real syndrome, but there’s other good d in ATL, shawty. Let that ish go.

Ashley Nicole Got a Stylist

Kirk’s artist Ashley Nicole came through, and it looks like she finally got a stylist. She also reveals that she wouldn’t mind smashing Joseline. The reason Ashley Nicole came out was so that Nina Parker could talk about Kirk and Rasheeda’s storyline, but Ashley Nicole was actually the best part.

Everybody Hates Nikko

Joseline actually went in on Nikko on behalf of Mimi over the book situation. Hell hath frozen over. Then again, no one likes Nikko. Seriously. Deb called him out for saying that Mimi’s daughter Eva was going to eat off the book he tried to pimp out of her, and that Eva was going to call him daddy. Nikko and Stevie almost started fighting again, and then the crowd started chanting Stevie once it got broken up. Yes, the crowd started chanting Stevie’s name over and over. You know something’s wrong when Stevie looks like the legitimate good guy.

Mimi and Joseline’s Fling?

Finally, we revisit the possibility that Mimi and Joseline may have gotten it on. Joseline has insinuated in the past that there was a threesome between herself, Mimi and Stevie. Stevie neither confirms nor denies, and Mimi flat out denies, but we know Mimi’s track record with the truth, so um, yeah…

We get left hanging until next week.


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