1. 6 Reasons To Pimp Out Your Phone Cases Via Junkboxx

Tired of the same boring traditional cell phone covers? Looking for something unique to match your individual style? Well, I’ve found the perfect site that offers everything from the fashion forward cases for the fashion blogger, to the inspirational quote cases for the individual going through a tough time and needs a daily positive reminder.

Check out six phone case perfect pimping out your phone!

2. Because we are all #SelfiePros

Shop it here: http://bit.ly/1pymD9R

3. Do not ask me what a Birkin is!

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4. The perfect way to add a little Chanel to you look, without spending your rent money.

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5. Now you can finally have that Celine bag.

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6. It bees that way sometimes!

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7. Here kitty kitty!

Shop it here: http://bit.ly/1pyuzIj

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