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In tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Jessica Dime shows us just how much lower she can stoop, Kalenna finally gets some professional help, and more.

Kirk Gets It Together

The episode actually opens up on a high note, where no tempers were flaring or fists were being thrown. Kirk, of all people, decided to show some act right for once, and surprises Rasheeda with a space for her store. He hooked her up with a spot in a swanky Buckhead mall, and she couldn’t be happier. However, we have questions. How did he pull this off, because, didn’t he say that they were about $100,000 in the hole a few episodes back? Don’t they also have an unfinished home? This is sweet, but um…yeah.

Momma Dee Fails At Uniting Her Family Under The Crown

Scrappy’s sister informs him that Momma Dee and Ernest are getting remarried in a few weeks, and that Bambi and Erica are going to be bridesmaids. Scraps knew about the proposal, but didn’t expect them to get married so soon, so now this is making him think that maybe Ernest is trying to use their mom after all. He’s also not happy about Erica being a bridesmaid.

Later on in the episode, Scrappy confronts his mom for being shady and tells her that he won’t be at the wedding if Erica is invited because apparently, they had another falling out after Imani’s birthday party, and now they’re back at war. Momma Dee thought the wedding would bring everyone together, but it’s having quite the opposite effect. She disinvites Erica, explaining the situation, and surprisingly, Erica seems to be okay with it.

Joseline Makes Moves

Joseline makes good on the promise she made to move forward with business without Stevie, and lands a gig for an LGBT pride organization that’s all about suicide prevention in the community. Joseline launches into her own sob story about being a teenage stripper, and that being bisexual was something that her family wasn’t feeling. She turned on the waterworks big time, and for once showed some vulnerability.

Kalenna Goes To Therapy

Kalenna is officially diagnosed with postpartum depression. She and Tony went to a therapist together where she poured her heart out about how she had been feeling. It was sad to watch, but also inspirational. Kalenna admitted that she was taught that you don’t go to therapy to solve your problems, yet despite that belief, she still recognized that she actually needed professional help and was brave enough to get it. Through that session, Tony was able to see how much he actually didn’t really have her back when she needed him most and planned to step up more. Out of all the foolishness that happens in this show, this is one of the best things to actually happen. Many women struggle with postpartum depression, and this may have been what they needed to see in order to get help in their own situations.

Jessica Dime Is Always Going To Take The Low Road

The end of the episode brings us to Jessica Dime’s showcase, which was set up by Mimi. See, what had happened was…

Not too long before the showcase, Jessica Dime conspired with Margeaux to “start a war” with Mimi by having Margeaux make a surprise appearance during her set just to get under Mimi’s skin.

At the show, Mimi thinks it’s all good at first, and even convinces Stevie J to come through to watch Dime perform and consider giving her a second chance. Fail. Dime starts performing as planned, but once Margeaux comes out, Mimi delivers the reaction that Dime is hoping for — anger. And Dime, like the basic she is, is quite pleased with herself because…“Mimi shouldn’t have been talking behind her back” (as if this former stripper isn’t used to people talking smack behind her back by now). We end the episode there, but next week Mimi and Dime are going to go have an exchange of words.

Meanwhile, Dime is cementing herself as the star of “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.” What producer of note is going to want to work with her after watching this?


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