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Living in Chicago, it is well-known among the locals that the city is heavily segregated by race and class. On a day to day basis, you might not witness or experience any overt racism. But the city overall, for its theoretical diversity, is not a shining example of America’s so-called melting pot.

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North Avenue beach, a popular destination for many local Chicagoans to hang out, play volleyball, and which has a lakefront that many run or bike on, was the site of some good ol’ fashioned, up-front American racism earlier this week. A white woman is caught on video yelling the N-word, and then claiming that it is her constitutional right to do so.

The victim of the verbal attack was Raquel Root, according to The Root, who apparently posted the video on Facebook along with the following status:

While at the beach #oakstreetbeach this lady called us the N Word three times in front of my children all because they splashed water on her. I asked her to stop yelling at the kids and said I’ll call the police. She walked in my face twice yes I could’ve reacted but I didn’t. Yes I thought this lady was going to spit or put hands on me first because that’s how angry she was….here’s her response.

The link to the Facebook post is unavailable and/or has since been removed.

The Frisky reports that the woman’s name is Angelle Marie Massion and is based in Evanston where she was arrested at Northwestern University in an incident where she also used racial slurs. Someone somewhere is probably hashtagging #NotAllWhiteLadiesAtBeaches but it truly does show you that from the institutional to the personal, this country still has a long way to go when it comes to race and racism.

Watch the video below:


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