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Critical Interrogation

Greg continues questioning Holly and Angela balks about it. Angela feels she should be the one to do it because “she has that woman’s touch” (but really because she’s ambitious and wants to get the credit). However, they don’t allow it because she knows Tommy from back in the day. After doing some digging, they discover that Holly has a wrap sheet dating back to her hometown in Ohio, including an arrest warrant that she ditched by skipping town, which could be revisited. Greg threatens to call Ohio and get her arrested if she doesn’t help him. Holly remains tight-lipped at first, but she’s visibly starting to crack. We know this is going to eventually spell trouble for Tommy and Ghost.

Too Much Going On

Jamie truly has the world on his shoulders. Tasha still won’t allow his cheating, lying behind to come back home, so he’s forced to have more of a telephone relationship with his kids, and he discovers that Simon took credit for filling up the Vibe party. Later on in the episode, Jamie confronts Simon, who doesn’t apologize, but invites him to a private sex party and offers him whatever he wants. Jamie, who sometimes has his head on his shoulders, turns down the free cakes, and Simon, like the spoiled privileged summamabish he is, is offended and threatens that he “Would hate to have to let Jamie go.” Jamie, eaten up inside, plays it cool and tells Simon that he’s here to support the Stern brand. Yeah, for now, until he figures out the right chess move.

Jamie’s Light Weight Interrogation

Greg steals time away from Jamie’s busy schedule to question him about Tommy. Jamie, knowing the game, plays coy and says that Tommy is simply a business partner, and that he doesn’t know where the “investment money” came from. That visit was short, but it’s far from over.

Holly Has An Out

Back at the interrogation, Angela finds out that Holly’s arrest-warrant is voided and that they no longer have any leverage for manipulation. Holly takes bathroom break, and Angela, still desperate to interrogate Holly, follows her to the bathroom after figuring out that she was the waitress who got shot at Truth.

More Territory Needed

Lobos is making plans to leave America and wants his money like, yesterday! As a result, Ghost has to gain more territory in order to move larger quantities, so he orders Luiz to take out the Serbs in order to get this mission accomplished.

Tommy isn’t feeling Ghost’s decision to put a hit on the Serbs and suggests that they devise a plan to force they the Serbs to buy from them by cutting off their known suppliers. Ghost agrees with the plan.

The Tables Turn

Back in the bathroom, Holly is unaware that her case was voided, and is terrified about the potential of doing three years in jail. Angela tries to convince Holly to implicate Tommy as Ghost and Holly turns the tables. Holly recognizes Angela as the woman Jamie was having sex with at the club and then goes off. She tells Angela that Jamie is Ghost and that she better make sure that she and Tommy are in the clear otherwise she will tell the authorities that Angela had been sleeping with the real Ghost this entire time and protecting him. Angela, using the knowledge that she has about the voided warrant, tells Holly that she can make it go away if Holly can help her implicate James as Ghost.

The two most annoying characters in the series have done so much more damage than they realize, and I get a sneaky suspicion that one of them is going to die as a result. Meanwhile, Tasha, the only one who understands what loyalty is, is probably going to be the one to end up getting Jamie out of this hole he dug for himself…if she chooses to be merciful.

Work Life

The episode finale depicts Jamie meeting Angela at her apartment to apologize—but little did they know, Greg spotted them together. Angela says to Jamie, “So, baby, how’s work?”

That is exactly what Jamie said to her after finding out that she was a Fed. This won’t end well.


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