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Hey darlin.’ Here’s our morning round-up for ya. Hope you’re having a good start to the day!

Barnard Admits Transgender Students. Woot. Woot.

The movement to garner college acceptance for transgender students is seriously picking up speed in women’s schools. As of last Thursday, Barnard has joined a growing roster of colleges including Smith College, Bryn Mawr College, Simmons College, Mount Holyoke College, Wellesley College, and Mills College to openly accept transgender women. Get the full scoop at Jezebel.

Go Figure: Abortion Rates Drop Nationwide

Abortion rates are down since 2010, says one survey from the Associated Press. Rates are decreasing in areas where states are cracking down on abortion procedures and where abortions rights are being protected. Pro-choice advocates attribute the trend to increased access to contraceptives, while anti-abortion supporters attribute it to a shift in public attitude towards carrying pregnancies to full term. Read the story at Time

Partisan Groups Butt Heads, Block Spending In The Pentagon

If Democrats and Republicans don’t come to an agreement on how to use contingency funds for the U.S. budget and tax policy in 2016, we could be looking at another government shutdown by the time October rolls around. Already, Democrats in the Senate are vowing to impede approvals on any spending bills to advance their efforts in discarding spending limits that have been enforced in recent years. Get the full report at the New York Times.

U.S. Gov Notifies Employees If They Were Hit By Massive Cyberattack

Millions of federal employees are probably biting their nails today, as they’ll be informed as to whether their personal information was stolen by hackers in last week’s government data breach. Fingers are still pointing to China for the attack but investigations are ongoing as to who specifically was behind the hacking. However, it’s US government officials that are currently the ones with the hot cheeks. They were notified as early as last November that their computer security systems were vulnerable to being breached. The warning was in a report from the inspector general at the Office of Personnel Management. Read the story at the New York Times.

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference Begins Today

Apple’s conference starts today at 10 am PCT with a major streaming service launch and keynotes from Tim Cook and others in tow. Apple’s streaming service has been developed in conjunction with Beats Electronics will be the next big competitor to other giants in the game like Spotify and Tidal. In addition, it’s expected that there’ll be updates to operating systems like OS X, new tools for third-party app developers and a surprise update to close off the event. Learn how to live stream the conference here at Mashable.

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