The Former First Lady also confirmed that she has no plans of ever running for president.

The Grammys returned to New York for the first time in 15 years, and producers made sure to make this year’s awards ceremony worthy of the city that never sleeps. In case you missed the show, here are a few highlights of the evening. Bruno Mars Has The Best Night Ever Finesse was a major […]

The former DNC chair also said she considered replacing Hillary Clinton with Vice President Joe Biden on the 2016 presidential ticket after Clinton fainted before Election Day.

The former DNC chairman made the explosive allegation in a lengthy POLITICO Magazine editorial.

The Former First Lady stressed that supporting Trump was a vote against one's own voice.

While promoting her upcoming new book, What Happened, she said that the exchange, which took place just days after Trump infamously bragged about "grabbing women by the pussy," left her completely disgusted.

One adorable 5-year-old has got lots of questions about what happened with the last election. Like many of us, young Taylor wants to know what happened to Barack Obama, why couldn’t he just stay president a little longer, and why Hillary Clinton is not in the White House right now. Instead of shouting all her […]

In a rare public appearance, the former Secretary of State saw Alice Walker's Tony-winning musical on its last night on Broadway.


Oh, how we wish he could've run for a third term as well.

As expected, Trump's camp fired back dismissing the government agency's report findings.