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That awkward moment you Google: “A Black girl…”  and the auto complete attempts to read your mind and ends up revealing what the world thinks about you….yeah. That just happened. Honestly, we’re mostly curious about “a Black girl was asked why…” Why what? Why there’s magic in our hair? Why we don’t age? Why we get to have Beyonce? What?

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Stereotypes usually have some form of truth in them and it’s no secret that stereotypes make up much of what we think of groups of people who are not us: White women/men, Asian women/men, etc. Those labels instantly bring up images in your head based on your beliefs and life experiences with those particular groups.

So when you’re on Google, typing in “I hate Black,” “Black women are,” “Black women” and the like, you’ll see some interesting autocompletes. While many of them are what you’d expect to see come from a curious racist, “I hate Black culture,” “Black woman attitude,” others are surprisingly uplifting: “Black woman is god.”

Take the “Black” out of the equation all together and autocomplete turns feminist: “Woman is…the future of man,” “Women are…better than men,” and more appear. Hmmm. Why does “Black” have to “dirty” everything? Maybe we’re reading too into Google searches or maybe we’re uncovering a cultural conversation….we just thought it was interesting.

Check out these other beginnings of Black women searches and how the world completes them:


Have you noticed any interesting trends in searching on Google?


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