In addition to winning this prestigious contest, Arantza Peña Popo has been awarded a $30,000 college scholarship for honoring her mama in such a beautiful way.

The talk show icon is even more successful than she could ever imagine.


As the constant push and spotlight angles for more black faces in diverse industries such as science and technology, there are also a host of success stories to inspire the next generation. Valeisha Butterfield Jones is all about being economically empowered to help others. As the Global Head of Women and Black Community Engagement for […]


Google granted the Hidden Genius Project $1 million to develop a stronger Black male presence in tech.

We had a sit down with Google's Head Of Black Community Engagement, Valeisha Butterfield Jones, to help your business succeed from the start.

Yolonda Faulkner has gone from wedding planner to bride after the man of her dreams, Eric Addison, surprised her with a sweet proposal for her birthday this year! Yolonda, the Managing Director and CEO of Details Consulting, has never been afraid to chase her dreams and make amazing things happen. As career-driven as she is, though, […]

The D.C high school sophomore believes that Black is beautiful and powerful.

The ConnectHome Program will reach 275,000 poor families and almost 200,000 children.

Baltimore continues to suffer from issues in its police department while Nigeria and the U.S. enter a new political era.

Also, an anti-rape activist has been accused of lying about her assault and more minimum wage protests are being staged today at McDonald's Headquarters.

Google’s Vice President of People Operations, Nancy Lee (yes, girls run the world!) told USA Today that Google will spend $150 million in 2015 to make the tech industry workforce more diverse. It’s no secret that the technology industry is not only a boy’s club, but it’s also lacking racial diversity, so Google, being the […]