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Child, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) hit the sauce hard on tonight’s episode of Scandal, and we can’t blame the head Gladiator. Still reeling from her kidnapping, Olivia was all locked up in her apartment armed with a gun while she tossed the wine back as if it were water.

Cyrus (Jeff Perry) called and attempted to get Olivia to head back to the White House to help Vice Presidential nominee Susan Ross get prepared for the Senate confirmation hearing. Everything seemed to be moving well when Susan went all rogue and deviated from the script. Ole’ Susan’s nerves got the best of her and she belted out a snort laugh that just went viral and made her the butt of all jokes. Liv rejected Cy’s request since she was still tormented by her ordeal.

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Across town, David (Joshua Malina) received a visit from Huck’s ex-wife Kim, who filled him in about the super secret spy organization and wanted help bring them to justice.  Kim told David her husband Diego Munoz gave her the damning information. Who the devil is Diego, none other than HUCK (Guillermo Diaz)! David rushed over to OPA to fill Huck and Jake in on this mystery woman, where Jake (Scott Foley) had the bright idea to kill Diego. Huck clued them in on him being Diego and stated he’ll take care of the B613 blunder. The trio came up the idea for Huck to lie under oath so he can protect his family and the rest of the OPA-dumpling gang.

Rose (Marla Gibbs) stopped by Liv’s apartment to find her friend Lois. Liv promised she’d find her friend. Liv placed Huck and Quinn (Katie Lowes) on the case on locating Lois’s body to bring some sort of peace to Rose, who had a feeling her friend went to that deluxe apartment in the sky. As Rose pressed Liv on trying to find Lois, she discovered Rose and the late Lois were more than friends, who reunited after they were separated for 60 years.

Over at the White House, the Grant administration prepared Susan Ross to become Vice President. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) called in her bae Leo (Paul Adelstein) to help the green Susan out. Abby soon found out you can’t mix business with pleasure after Leo tried to break Susan into submission when he peppered with questions for the confirmation hearings. An irate Abby fired her man and called in the big guns: Olivia. Olivia saved the day when she helped Susan get ready for the senate showdown. Everything was fine but Democrats were miffed by Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) decision to head to war in West Angola and are determined not to confirm Susan.

Liv informed Abby, Fitz had to pull a James Brown and beg for forgiveness for his actions. An incensed Fitz let Liv, Cy and Abby know he’s the president and he doesn’t plead for anything.  Liv quickly checked Fitz’s ego and told him being indecisive about the war had Capital Hill pissed at him. Liv explained Fitz needed to eat a bit of humble pie for his actions, which is what Fitz did.  Once Liv’s work at the White House was done, she discovered Huck and Quinn found Lois’ body. A guilt-ridden Liv lied to Rose and claimed she died from a pulmonary embellish and went peacefully at a waterside park. Rose’s loss gave Liv just the push needed to get her life back in order.

Meanwhile, Huck went to David’s office with Kim in tow to lie like a politician about B613 but just couldn’t go do it when he was asked about, “the hole.” Poor Huck just broke down and moved David to tears about his trip in the hole. Later, David informed Jake he was going through with taking down B613 and will do his best to protect them all but justice needed to be served.


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