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“It was a rape, but it seemed so strange to call it that. We think of rape as a stranger who attacks you in a parking lot,” Bill Cosby’s latest alleged victim, Katherine McKee said. McKee and Cosby were friends for eight years before he attacked her.

Katherine McKee was an actress at the height of Bill Cosby’s career. In fact, in 1971 she starred in “The Bill Cosby Show.” McKee was also the legendary Sammy Davis Jr.’s road wife. (He had an open marriage and the two were known lovers.) Because of Davis, McKee often ran into Cosby and the two ended up becoming friends. And now, she’s come out after decades of silence to reveal to New York Daily News that Cosby raped her in a Michigan hotel room in the 1970s. “I didn’t find being a victim an interesting tale to tell to anybody. I thought if I didn’t talk about it, it would disappear and go away. And it kinda did,” McKee explained of her silence.

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During a gig in Detroit, McKee decided to stay so that she could visit family. Cosby happened to be in town as well and invited her to a boat party. “He was a buddy. He knew I was Sammy’s girl,” she said about accepting the invitation. McKee says Cosby asked her to get ribs from a local hotspot, Checker Bar-B-Q and then come to the hotel to pick him up.

“I remember I walked in the door, and he had a robe and cap on. He took the ribs from my hands and just grabbed me. He spun me around, pulled my panties down, and just took it. We were still standing at the door when he attacked me. It was so fast and so shocking and so unbelievable,” she said. “To me, there was a different personality involved. He was a different man. It felt like a different person performing that act,” McKee recalled.

McKee fled to compose herself in the bathroom and Cosby dressed himself and continued to give her the cold shoulder on the way to the party. Why McKee went to the boat party, we may never know, but Cosby never treated her the same after that.

McKee didn’t want to tell anyone about it and she especially didn’t want to tell Sammy. “I didn’t want to put it in his head,” she claimed. Like many victims, McKee blamed herself. While she told her story to New York Daily News, she asked herself why she didn’t stop him, get away from him–but it all happened too fast. “I was absolutely flabbergasted,” she said. “And I had the guilt. I questioned myself, ‘Why did I go there? Why did I bring him those ribs? Maybe he thought that’s what I wanted too?’”

Not only did McKee keep quiet and blamed herself, but she also thought that men of power often do these type of heinous acts. “I chalked it up to another powerful person in Hollywood who just felt he could take what he wanted from women,” she said. McKee watched victim after victim and accusation after horrific accusation and her own truth started bubbling up inside of her.

McKee’s story is very different from the women who have come out with allegations against the legendary comedian. Many of those women, including supermodels Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson claimed Cosby drugged them before taking advantage of them. Many of the accusers were young actresses and they alleged that Cosby would urge them to pretend to act drunk before assaulting them. The shocking number of women accusing Cosby is now up to 27. Twenty-seven.

Cosby’s wife, Camille recently released a statement in which she stands by her husband of 51 years and urges the media, in the same way that Cosby did to be neutral in telling the story and to stop demonizing her husband. McKee called that statement “embarrassing,” especially the part that labeled Cosby a victim. “I knew [Camille]. We’d been to dinner, all of us, many times,” McKee said. “This is not a stupid woman. She has her head buried in the sand.”

When asked if there was anything McKee would say to Cosby today, she said:

“I would tell him that I’m really sorry that he had to do that to me and he felt that he had to add me to his list of God knows how many women. We were friends. I knew him and his wife for many years and I admire them both. Why did he have to do that to me? He certainly didn’t need to.”

This Cosby scandal is so disheartening. Between the women coming forward and Cosby’s non-handling of it, we’re left wondering–who’s telling the truth? As women, our initial thoughts are: Why would any of these women lie or go to the extremes of calling out Bill Cosby? What do you think beauties? Sound off in the comments below.


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