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Eric Garner’s daughter Erica Garner returned to the location in Staten Island where her father was choked to death by Officer Daniel Pantaleo and staged and led a protest in memory of her father. The 24-year-old was joined by a group of protestors on Bay Street in St. George for a vigil and then protesters marched to the corner of Bay Street and Victory Boulevard in Tompkinsville to the beauty supply storefront where Garner died where they staged a die-in. That is where Erica laid down on the ground in the exact spot where her father took his last breath.

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“I still feel like I’m in a never ending nightmare,” Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica told Ruptly, reiterating that what happened to her father had sparked nationwide and global protests. “It could be you, everybody could be Eric Garner, there are a lot of Eric Garners out there, a lot of innocent people beaten down by police. I hope these protesters accomplish a lot. I hope it shows people that we’re very passionate about this and that we are not going to stop until we get justice,” Erica Garner said.

Protests have been organized all over the world and it’s been a beautiful thing to watch cities all over the United States and beyond stand with Eric Garner’s family in their pursuit of justice. Garner’s last words, “I can’t breathe,” have served as a vocal reminder at protests of what we’re all fighting for–air…breathe…life. Black people are feeling like our lives don’t matter right now because we can literally watch over and over again as Garner suffocates because the police decided that force was necessary in a situation that wasn’t even escalated from the start.

Reverend Al Sharpton is planning a march on Washington this Saturday to speak out against racial profiling and police brutality. And the protests have reached the Capitol as Black staffers staged a walkout this week, showing solidarity with Garner and Michael Brown supporters. This is exactly what protests are about–interruptions and raising awareness on issues that need attention. This is how Sharpton was able to help involve the federal government to deliver charges to the officers responsible for brutally beating Rodney King in 1992. We’re remaining hopeful and active because we can change our world and justice can be served!

Check Out This Amazing Video Of The Protest:


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#ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner
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