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So Kim Kardashian is the poster child for ghetto behavior now? GTFOH.

Just when you thought there was nothing more Kimmy Cakes could do to make you question her brain cell count, she goes and posts a screenshot from a text message conversation with her younger sister Kendall Jenner that has us wondering if they both suffer from delusion. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Kim‘s, but sometimes (more often than not) the Kardashians say and do some of the most idiotic things.

The text reads, “Happy Birthday, I know we get on each other’s nerves sometimes lol but thank you for always having my back. I learn a lot from you whether it’s about fashion or how to turn a good girl to ghetto. Love u.”

What and what?! Can’t you just feel your blood rising? What in the Kardashian world qualifies her as ghetto? It is because she dates a Black man? And when was she a good girl? When she was having sex with Ray J on camera, posing nude for Playboy or Paper Magazine…

Chile, cheese.

Kim captioned the photo, “So glad I screen grabbed this Bday message in Oct from Kylie. This means so much to me #Goodgirltoghetto.”

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Kim Kardashian’s Full Frontal Is Now A Meme & We Can’t Stop Laughing…
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