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Angela Leslie, 52 was a model and actress and in the early 90s when she met Bill Cosby. Two years later (1992) and the two shared a private meeting where Cosby. In an exclusive interview with New York Daily News, she recalled, “I arrived at the Flamingo hotel in Vegas. Cosby sent a driver to pick me up. I thought we were meeting to discuss my acting and how he would be instrumental in helping me.” This sounds strangely familiar to the scenario that fellow accusers, Barbara Bowman detailed.

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Leslie remembers Cosby uttering these words to her: “If you want to act, show me what you’ve got. Pretend you’re intoxicated.” She obliged him and he then asked her to have a sip of a strong “dark” drink. Leslie had a sip and decided it was far too strong for her so she pretended to act drunk instead of finishing the beverage, so she never passed out.

Leslie says that Cosby then asked her to wet her hair and she did. Once she entered back into the room from the bathroom, she claims Cosby was in bed. “He had taken his clothes off. He summoned me over to the bed and I walked over. He proceeded to get some Vaseline lotion and he put my hand on his penis and did the masturbation movements with his hands on mine.”

In shock, Leslie was frozen, but then she started pulling away from Cosby. “I felt pretty dirty and disgusted. I really wanted to act and be a dancer in the entertainment industry. After I didn’t go along with what he did, he sort of dismissed me from his room. He didn’t speak to me the next day.” She continues, “I really feel he took away my ability to do what I’ve dreamed of all these years. I was on my way. I did several movies. After I met Cosby, nothing. I feel he should not clip the wings of people with dreams and desires to be in the industry just because he’s in a high position. He should use it to help, if possible. I feel I was hindered by him because I just didn’t go along with what his usual scheme and plan was for women.”

Leslie told the New York Daily News that she believes she narrowly escaped being raped by Cosby saying her choice to not drink the full cup he handed her may have been what saved her from that same fate. Before meeting Cosby in Vegas, Leslie was sent three money orders–two for $700 and the other for $800. They came with instructions from Cosby’s camp to travel to California to meet him, but because Leslie had gotten sick, she returned her ticket. Two years later, he sent for her to meet him in Vegas.

As of now, Leslie makes the 8th alleged victim of Cosby’s who has been bold enough to speak out. She says, “I’m coming forward now because I’ve been watching the news and seeing these ladies come forward. Cosby’s not saying anything. He’s not apologizing. He’s pretending that it didn’t happen and it happened. It happened with me. He got my hand, he put it on his penis. It’s something I did not got there for. I did not initiate that kind of action. I want people to know that he’s not the person America thinks that he is.”

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Wow, we wonder how many more victims there are and if they’ll come out?


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