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Jody Westby had to come to the aid of an older Black man, Dennis Stucky who had been stopped by police in her posh neighborhood, Foxhall Crescent. Honestly, posh is an understatement, which is probably why police saw the Black man and immediately thought he was up to no good. Apparently, the officers were responding to a call to investigate a suspected burglary. An alarm sounded in an adjacent subdivision, but when they spotted Stucky with his tools, they stopped him. Westby claims to know Stucky and tries to let the officers know they are in the wrong place and are harassing the wrong person. How she handles the police is impressive, but it makes you wonder–could a Black woman have gotten away with the same actions?

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At the beginning of the above clip, we see a Black female office standing in front of Westby, while Stucky, the neighborhood handyman is sitting on the curb. Westby is trying to make sense of what’s going on and she walked over to the officer in the cruiser and says, “Excuse me, what address did you get a call for?” That’s when Westby found out they were on the wrong block.

“We have a burglar alarm. He’s coming with bags,” the officer says, demonstrating with her hands. “He gets loud and boisterous, of course I want to know who he is,” the officer continues. That’s when Westby says, “No” and tells the officer he’s “boisterous” because he’s being accused. The officer replied that Stucky’s not accused of anything. Right. Here’s where things get interesting:

Westby is standing between the police car and the other officer who is closest to Stucky. At this point, if the officers are respsonding to a call, the area that Westby’s standing in could be a crime scene. Westby verbally chastises the officer for harassing Stucky, and tells them they need to leave. She’s pointing her fingers and gesturing toward the car window.

Without any clearance from the police, Westby grabs Stucky’s hand, pulls him up and decides to leave the scene on her own free will. White privilege anyone? Sometimes they do use their powers for good. As they walk away, the officer says, “Ma’am, stop.” To which Westby sternly replied, “She doesn’t have the authority to stop him. I’m an attorney and this is wrong. Now please leave our neighborhood.” She then hits them with the kicker, “Just because he’s Black, doesn’t mean he’s here to rob a house. He works for us he’s been in this neighborhood for 30 years.”

Stunned by the treatment of another Black man at the hands of two Black officers, Westby said, “You got a White woman and a Hispanic woman standing up for a Black man against two black cops. … It was shameful how they behaved.” Westby added, “It was very interesting, in the sense of getting a picture of how black cops treat Black people. And how humiliating that was for [Stucky]. And how they were treating him just like a dog.”

While I commend Westby for sticking up for her friend, it’s sad to say that if Westby was Black, none of her actions would fly. It’s literally the type of behavior that would be considered dangerous, threatening or violent in some way if she wasn’t White.

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