The iconic actress opens about the April 22 season finale of her CBS show, working with Cedric the Entertainer and being blessed to work in the industry she loves.

"She is not a hash tag; she was a black woman and she was murdered in cold blood by a white man," Hathaway wrote.

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Several universities are experimenting with "White Identity Retreats" to calm rising racial tensions on campuses. White students will learn about personal and systemic facets of White privilege.

Dr. Ravi K. Perry believes that Virginia high school students should understand how structural oppression obstructs racial equality.

Despite Clinton's efforts, this latest episode in her campaign further illustrates that today's presidential candidates don't know how to talk about race in a way that will resonate with millennial voters.

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Apparently, a White man who is a "fighter" for a living discovered and settled what we know as Brooklyn.


MTV is gearing up to air a documentary on "what it means to be young and White in America."

Jody Westby had to come to the aid of an older Black man, Dennis Stucky who had been stopped by police in her posh neighborhood, Foxhall Crescent. Honestly, posh is an understatement, which is probably why police saw the Black man and immediately thought he was up to no good. Apparently, the officers were responding to […]

White privilege has officially been given a space to be thoughtfully explored…by white people. PBS and documentary filmmaker Whitney Dow launched the first installment of the “Whiteness Project,” a thorough and well-intentioned interview series that aims to make white Americans open up about their racial identities. MUST READ: Rich White People Have A ‘Deep Affinity’ […]