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I’m new to golf, but once I laid eyes on the Adidas Golf spring 2015 line, I knew I’d better spend these next couple seasons learning the game!

The perfect fusion of fashion and function, this line is guaranteed to turn heads par after par. It’s a completely redesigned line that’s built for an athlete yet designed for the woman who wants to be one of the most gorgeous golfers in town. With three distinct collections to choose from chances are you’ll be wearing these well crafted garments beyond the golf course.

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But of course golfing isn’t just about looking cute on the green, your game counts too. If you’re in the New York area then you absolutely must make your way to Golf & Body NYC. This new private club in the heart of Manhattan is the perfect place where golfers can come and enhance their performance…and ladies can get the tailored instruction one coach says we need. Performance coach Kim-Lien Kendall   says “In today’s media, almost all golf-related fitness information is geared toward the male golfer. Unfortunately this advice is usually not the best advice for the female player.”

For example, she says, while many newbie male players have more power in their swing, hitting the ball straight is another question. Meanwhile ladies can hit the ball straight, yet need a little help in the power department. In addition to this, we tend to be more flexible than men, so we totally have mobility on our side when it comes to our game. To help us all improve our games, Kendall showed me five lower body exercises that will help us gain more stability, strength and power. Check out the video above.

Follow Golf & Body NYC on Twitter and Facebook and maintain your performance game with tips from Kim-Lien Kendall on both Twitter and Facebook too. I’ll see you on the golf course!

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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