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Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are undeniably the stars of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” franchise and if you watched part two of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion on VH1 last night, you know this to be true. In case you’ve been sipping champagne under a rock, Joseline and Stevie are facing rumors that they are on drugs after a violent outburst at the reunion taping. Joseline and Stevie were removed from the show, to protect their costars, and in their absence the cast bashed their erratic behavior–portraying them as drug addicts and everything but good people. K. Michelle, who started on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” before branching out to do her own thing, was Joseline’s only friend on the show and though she isn’t on the series anymore she came to Joseline and Stevie’s defense on Twitter.

Fans spent one whole hour watching the cast talk about Stevie and Joseline’s alleged drug habit and raging behavior. I was at the reunion show taping with a bird’s eye view of the altercations that transpired. To be frank, the footage doesn’t capture the viciousness that occurred when Joseline and Stevie first rose from their seats and began attacking Althea and Benzino. Did they look high? They looked out of character. And since I hadn’t seen any of them do drugs, the real question should be–does anyone have proof that they did? Dedicating the second part of the reunion to their drug problem not only seemed slanderous but made the rest of the cast seem like secondary characters.

Earlier that day, the couples–Stevie and Joseline, Benzino and Althea–had been engaged in a Twitter beef that fueled both sides’ anger which seemed ultimately the catalyst for the fight. Not to mention, Althea did disrespect Joseline by sitting in her home and eating off her fine china, knowing she had sex with her man Stevie. Did Althea deserved to be punched in the face? We don’t condone violence but we understand Joseline’s frustration.

Reality star K. Michelle tweeted:

While Stevie and Joseline may have totally been out of their minds, I agree with K. Michelle. I think it was very hypocritical (just as hypocritical as it was for Joseline to blast Mimi for releasing a sex tape) for the cast to have an intervention for Joseline and Stevie without them even being there to defend themselves. Furthermore, their drug use is all speculation. If they are on drugs, it seems more like a band-aid covering a deeply rooted issue.

As a fan of Joseline and Stevie, I’ve interview them numerous times and they’ve been pleasant during every chat, it saddens me to see them like this. As obvious as it may be that there’s a problem, it seems counterproductive to bash them in a time of need. Clearly, they are in need of a hug or two. I especially feel for Joseline because she seems like a woman with a troubled past, who is clearly out to hold on to the love of her life–Stevie. And Stevie doesn’t have the greatest track record in relationships. As entertaining as they are together, they may be toxic for each other.

Watch the episode, below:

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