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Did you know that up to 67% of gym memberships are never used? Many folks are crowding the gym during the first of the year only to chose nights out over workouts come spring. Sound familiar? Well don’t beat yourself up just yet beauties – recent studies show that boutique fitness studios may be replacing gyms anyways.

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People are simply flocking to specialized studios as opposed to the gym these days. These studios offer sweat sessions that they adore, and nothing less, so when it comes to the high price tag more and more hard bodies have no problem just saying “yes.” So if you are considering ditching your gym membership for the fellowship of your favorite fitness trends then read this first beauty.

Count The Cost

Fitness boutique classes/memberships can cost a pretty penny, but if you compare this number to your gym membership that lies dormant half the year then this argument is null and void boo. So while you may shell out $20+ per class or close to $200 a month for unlimited class, what you get in return is totally worth it. Why? Because the staff is often times 10X more experienced. See next reason…

Bring On Efficiency

What makes boutique fitness studios attractive is that they are specialized. Staffing consists of professionals who have gone beyond their traditional group fitness or personal trainer certifications to learn the appropriate skill set. And guess who the benefactor is? You lady! When you combine supreme training with consistent attendance you end up with two things – better workouts and quicker results. Holla.

It’s Like Having A Trainer On A Budget

Small group training is another word on the street you may hear when referring to fitness boutique. Small being the operative word. Sweating in micro groups is totally comparable to having the benefits of a trainer sans the high cost. The personal attention you get is not only consistent but it’s personal. Because you are more than a number get ready to be greeted by name and checked up on when absent. Aww, the power of excellent customer service.

Make New Sweaty Sistas

Another perk of pumping iron in a small group is the sense of community that they provide. Because many people chose to workout near home and/or work the chances that you and your class cousin run into each other outside your sweaty 60 minute sessions is super high. So go right ahead and add working out to the list of fun ways to meet new people. In addition to this many fitness boutique studios hold organized fit events beyond the studio. So if camaraderie is your thing fitness boutiques may be for you boo.

Cancel Out Canceling

Next, since you’re paying per class and most likely unable to make up missed sessions the result is this – you will be less likely to cancel your boutique studio fitness sessions. Late nights out will no longer trump Saturday morning sweat sessions and next thing you know you’ll be making plans with a spin bike like your salary depends on it. Talk about putting your money where your sweat is.

It’s My Body I’ll Go To The Gym If I Want To: Fit Day Pass & Class Pass

Okay, so let’s be clear, I am not dogging out the gym. Keeping your membership may be what’s best for you in the end. However if you’re on the fence about memberships or travel a ton then Fit Daypass or Class Pass may be the answer to your sweaty dreams. A a NYC-based website, Fit Daypass sells day passes to gyms in NYC and Brooklyn. With 20+ gyms available from $9.95 and no membership required, paying by session may make a lot of sense with it comes to sweat. This is especially great since the average person thinks they go to the gym 9.5x a month, however actually only go 4.3x a month.

So with that said, before you cancel your contract do the math and see if Fit Day Pass is worth passing on your gym membership or if a site like Class Pass – where you can bounce around studios at a lower rate – is good for you. 

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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