Twitter is known for igniting hashtags for the sake of activism and they have done so in the case of the fatal shooting of unarmed Ferguson, Missouri teen, Michael Brown. We have seen hashtags like #MikeBrown, #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, #NMOS14 and more, all supporting Brown and his family. Twitter has now exploded with a new supporting hashtag, #ArrestDarrenWilson. Darren Wilson is the name of the officer who pulled the trigger six times, killing Michael Brown.

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Social media supporters have been rallying around this new hashtag in order for Wilson to be charged with the death of Mike Brown. The above meme, which has been widely shared requests that Wilson be immediately removed from paid leave and arrested for Mike Brown’s murder and also that the U.S. Attorney’s office to replace Ferguson’s police department as the spokesperson for this investigation to provide full updates to the public.

Many supporters on social media are also tweeting and retweeting a photo of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, Robert P. McCulloch, who is the only man with the power to #ArrestDarrenWilson. Many tweets are urging their followers to call him and ask him why Wilson is still free. The photo includes McCulloch’s contact information.

Will you be joining in this social media movement?

If social media isn’t really your thing and you want to support, check out the petition started by Shaun King, which calls for federal laws to be created in order to protect citizens from police violence and misconduct. The petition is directed to President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and Representative John Boehner of Ohio.


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