Big Sean Moving On From Naya Rivera With Ariana Grande?

big sean ariana grande

It looks like Big Sean and cutie Ariana Grande are doing more than just hanging out. The “Right There” duo were caught kissing at the movies by a witness who posted his observation on Twitter. “They were kissing each other all movie long,” he wrote.

We know what you’re thinking…how old is Ariana Grande because she looks like she is no older than 12. But, the mini Mariah is 21-years-old (Sean is 26).  Sean and Ariana could just be providing one another comfort. They both recently ended relationships with former lovers. In fact, Sean’s ex-fiance Naya abruptly married someone else.

Sean has also been pictured with Ariana’s dog Ophelia. And if we know anything about the role animals play in a relationship, we’d say, they are getting serious. Sean and Ariana are working on a song titled “Beautiful Mistake” that will be featured on Ariana’s forthcoming album.

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