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Chile, the 2014 BET Awards just went off and we are still reminiscing on the moments that had us hollering, crying and dancing in our shady boots (Miss Nicki Minaj)! Before we go any further, we’re just going to come out and say it…BET stepped it all the way up this year. We’re talking performances by Silk (Yes. “Freak Me” Silk) and Lionel Richie, who left everyone’s mother clutching her pearls, and the much-appreciated reemergence of Missy Elliott.

Phylicia Rashad delivered a poignant speech about Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee.And, that wasn’t even half of the holy ghost that was roaming through the house. Yolanda Adams left us with goosebumps after her rousing tribute to Lionel Richie. Oh, and can you believe that we could have done without Jay Z and Beyonce’s performance?!

2014 BET Awards Performances: Silk Steals The Show; Usher Snatches His Crown & More…

Let’s just get into it: Here’s our top 2014 BET Awards moments:

Moment #12: Chris Brown Is Back

Chris Brown was definitely eating as much as he could in jail, because the “Sweet Love” singer has put on a few pounds…but we love it! It looks good on him and if he hits the gym…he’ll really have us drooling (more than we do already). Breezy performed his hit song/summer anthem “Loyal” with Lil Wayne and Tyga and it’s safe to say HE’S BACK!

Moment #11: Busta Rhymes Looks Like…

The last time we laughed this hard, Omarion was dancing beside Rick Ross at the 2013 #BET Awards (We still love you O!). Rapper Busta Rhymes showed up to the awards dressed in wrapping paper and it didn’t take long before photos of his ridiculous outfit and hair went viral. God, we love #BlackTwitter.

Moment # 10: Jay Z & Beyonce’s Bad Timing

Ya know…We never thought we’d say this, but Jay Z and Beyonce weren’t the highlight of the 2014 BET Awards, they actually were more like those ugly low-lights that you just have to let grow out. The Carters weren’t there of course, but they sent in a camera phone video of Beyonce performing “Partition” during their “On The Run” tour. It couldn’t have been a worse time since Phylicia Rashad had just glided off stage. Beyonce shaking her a** was the last thing we needed to see at that moment. It didn’t help that Jay Z was rapping about sex and…ew.

Moment #9: Pharrell Almost Slips In His Uggs

Ha! We thought we were the only ones who slipped in their Uggs. Pharrell took home several awards for his song “Happy,” and despite his veteran status in the game, he was nervous. But it was cute. He even kept it real and said he almost slipped when he walked out.

Moment #8: Usher Performs A Medley Wearing A Rabbit

No one tell PETA!

Singing his classic songs wasn’t enough, Usher had to put a little extra umph in his performance so he wore a rabbit. Yup, you were probably wondering where all those Easter bunnies went…straight to his closet.

Moment #7: Trey Songz, August Alsina and Chris Brown Unite On Stage!

You are staring at the future of R&B. Trey Songz and August Alsina squashed their beef and reunited on stage to perform their raunchy hit (that we shamelessly play on a daily basis) “I Love This Sh*t.” Joined by Chris Brown, the trio proved that three powerful artists on good terms produces better music than three artists at odds. Now, can we get another song?

Moment #6: Kevin Hart As Oliver Pope

Are we the only ones who still crack a rib every time Kevin Hart opens his mouth? He just never gets old. He made an impromptu appearance while Kerry Washington was on-stage and he needs help. He is a fool. Lol. Kev, excuse us, Oliver Pope (“Scandal” character Olivia Pope’s brother) crashed the awards with his cellphone left us laughing as he spoofed the “fixer” herself.

Moment #5: Yolanda Adams Leaves Us With The Holy Ghost

*Whips out church fan* Not only did the BET Awards leave us singing “Freak Me” (see next moment), but it left us blessed. Yolanda Adams is officially the queen of gospel. She brought us to tears with a stellar tribute to Lionel Richie. Watch her performance and the entire Lionel Richie tribute, here.

Moment #4: Blast From The Past

There’s nothing else any sane woman can do when the song ‘Freak Me” comes on, but throw their panties. BET struck deep down in our memory boxes with performances by Troop, Color Me Badd and Silk. Talk about the old school upstaging the new school! Yes, we loved Trey and Chris Brown’s performances, but we really lost our minds when our favorite throwback groups hit the stage. We fell out of our seats. Literally.

Moment #3: Chris Rock

So we’re going to go ahead and proclaim Chris Rock the BET Awards host since Mo’Nique performed “Crazy in Love” almost 10-years ago. He brought his signature unabashed ceremony and NO ONE was exempt. Poor Rick Ross and Robin Thicke got it the worst. Rock was hilarious and played off of pop culture moments like Ellen Degeneres ordering pizza at the Academy Awards, opting for Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.

Moment #2: Phylicia Rashad’s Rousing Tribute

Phylicia Rashad glided on stage like she was Jesus…or does everything she does feel holy? The iconic actress paid tribute Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee with an elegant speech that left us Googling how we can get involved in some humanitarian work. “She lived an epic life,” Phylicia said speaking of Maya’s legacy.

Moment #1: Nicki Minaj’s Shady Acceptance Speech

This brings us to our most memorable BET Awards moment. Miss Nicki Minaj. After performing on a motorcycle and sending her male fans straight to the hospital when she twerked, Nicki accepted the BET award for “Best Female Rap Artist” (presented by Floyd Mayweather, who announced she won without even opening the nominee envelope) and literally just took off her shoe and threw her shady boots at Iggy Azalea.

“This is my 5th year winning this award,” said Nicki batting her eyelashes. If you don’t think that was shady, don’t worry she brought it all the way home. She made a point to blast any female rap artist who doesn’t write her own rhymes and is as fake as their plastic surgery. Yeah, Nicki Minaj talking about plastic surgery. We digress.

To be frank, Iggy Azalea was defeated before Nicki Minaj shaded her. Her performance “Fancy” lacked confidence and that could be become she was performing in front of a full Black audience, and the fact that Nicki Minaj was in the front row. Anyhoo, Nicki snatched wigs and left tongue’s wagging.

Take that!

Want more of the BET awards? Click through this gallery of the red carpet:

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