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This is what happens when social media goes wrong. With the intent of a few cheap laughs, Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA tweeted a very popular meme of a drunk Kristen Wiig in “Bridesmaids,” saying, “Help me. I’m poor.” Here’s the issue with the tweet–FAFSA is a source that provides grants, loans and work-study funds for college and career school. In most cases, many of these people could be considered poor, however, not everyone who uses FAFSA is poor.

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Not all FAFSA filers are created equal! More than 10 million students a year fill out a FAFSA, some may receive less aid than others. FAFSA is a government agency, but it seems they let their social media account be controlled by the wrong fingertips. This has the funk of millenials all over it. In an apology, FAFSA claimed they wanted to make college a reality for all. Seriously, by poking fun at the people who need them most?

In all honesty, most of us could be considered poor, considering the rising price of higher education! Don’t even get me started with the loans with the high interest rates that you couldn’t even pay if you honestly tried. That’s not funny, is it? And neither is it funny when high school students opt out of college because they can’t get the help they need or they get help, but it’s not enough. I have a mountain of student loans from a reasonably priced four-year university and because I haven’t been able to make substantial payments, I’ve put the loans in deferment. I have no idea when I am going to pay my $40,000 debt. But I know I’m not laughing about it.

FAFSA’s apology:


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