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We first met Traci Braxton on We TV’s “Braxton Family Values.” While not necessarily the sister in the spotlight, Traci still managed to get our attention with her funny weightloss antics, her dynamic relationship with her husband, Kevin and her on again, off again desire to be one of Toni Braxton’s background singers.

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Now we are getting a chance to see Traci and her hubby in a whole new light on We TV’s “Marriage Bootcamp!” We recently caught up with Traci and Kevin and just had to know why they decided to sort through her marriage on national TV, what they thought the benefits of marriage bootcamp were and more. Find out what these two lovebirds had to say!

HelloBeautiful: What are the benefits of marriage bootcamp?

Kevin: I felt like we were able to embrace each other’s journey and really believe in the faith that existed in each other. I felt like we captured that and it was a beautiful thing. The bottom line is, I saw in others, what we were working on in our relationship. It really helped me a lot.

HB: How does sex change after marriage?

Traci: Child, when you get married, you get your nookie all the time and then it gets to this moment where you’re like, “Don’t touch me,” but you have to keep it alive the entire time that you’re married. I didn’t know you go through different stages. We’ve been married for 18 years.

HB: What are the challenges you face merging families?

Traci: I think it is, for him and I, our upbringing. My beliefs and his beliefs were not matching at all.

Kevin: I grew up as an only child until I was 16 or 17. The bottom line is, I wasn’t used to it. With her having siblings, it educated me and opened my mind up. I think it opened us up and made me a better person.

HB: Marriage is hard work. Why do it on camera?

Traci: I feel like showing our relationship on TV, it could help someone else. Everyone’s going through the same thing we’re going through.

Watch Traci and Kevin on “Marriage Bootcamp” Friday nights at 9pm/8c.


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