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The romantic comedy “Think Like A Man Too” is a fun look at the extreme lengths men and women go to one up each other when  it comes time to celebrate a couple’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. The spirit of the battle of the sexes was alive and well when we interviewed the entire cast in Los Angeles recently.

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What were Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, LaLa Anthony, Meagan Good and Taraji P. Henson arguing with Kevin Hart, Terrence J, Romany Malco, Michael Ealy, Gary Owens and Jerry Ferrara about? We asked the cast if it was ever okay for a man to use a Groupon on the first date. Naturally, we got opposing views, but you’d be shocked to see who was fine with a man using a Groupon on the first date and who wasn’t.

“Man, forget about looking good,” Romany Malco, who stars as Zeke, said. “Do what you gotta do.” While that response is what a lot of men would say, Malco’s on-screen girlfriend Meagan Good wasn’t having it.

“I’m like if that’s the case then let’s not do that. Let’s make some sandwiches and go to the beach,” the actress shot back.

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In a surprising turn of events, actor/comedian Kevin Hart was the one who was wholeheartedly against the use of a Groupon. When the question was first posed, he stopped everything and said, “Wait! First of all, do you know the balls it takes to pull out a Groupon?!” He later went on to say, “If you got a Groupon, you can’t afford nothing. It’s the bottom and then Groupon.”

Actress Gabrielle Union is a little more open minded when it comes to those who are “cost efficient.” Union said, “I actually don’t mind cheap. As long as you’re not asking me for MY money.”

Check out the video above to see what everyone else had to say about using a Groupon on the first date, and tell us what you think! Is a Groupon or other deal acceptable to use on a first date? 

Catch ‘Think Like A Man Too’ in theaters this Friday, June 20. 


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