girlfriend-intervention-tv-reviewLifetime is aiming for a blacker audience as many of their new programming consist of all Black casts. One of their programs, “Girlfriend Intervention” follows “four wise, poised and stylish African American women, who, in each episode, help a white sister seeking a complete makeover to restore her confidence and inner glow.” Lord have mercy Jesus, what in the world is a “white sister?”

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The four Black women who are on the makeover team are Tracy Balan, home and sanctuary guru Nikki Chu, style and fashion maven Tiffiny Dixon and bag girl turned soul coach, Tanisha Thomas. Is the “white sister” part referring to solidarity or sisterhood? Is this “white sister” actually white? Or just a blank slate? And what makes these Black women qualified to be her guide? I mean, I’m flattered that they think sistas got it going on so much we can influence the style and grace of a woman of another race, but…

What exactly is this? Some type of “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” saturated in race, class and caste systems? To be quite honest, if this show was the other way around, I’d be super offended. Four white women team up to makeover one deserving Black woman into a presentable and mild-mannered member of society. Al Sharpton would surely form a march on this one.

There’s more:

Making over their wardrobes, beauty routines, homes and minds, they teach these women how to embrace and celebrate their lives, speak their mind, lighten up and love themselves again. Our four experts carry themselves with a great deal of pride, style and, most importantly, self-confidence. Where does it come from and how can it be obtained? Who better to teach a woman how to get that sparkle in her eye and spring back in her step?  Each week, Girlfriend Intervention follows a woman whose personal space and self-esteem are in desperate need of a major makeover and a life-giving dose of diva inspiration.

Cue Beyonce. Let me upgrade ya, I guess. *shrugs*

Oh and this isn’t the only Black show Lifetime is coming up with this season. They’ve got “BAP’s,” which is a docuseries that follows the lives of exclusive, privileged and affluent group of African-American friends from St. Louis who are self-proclaimed Black American Princesses and Princes. *Yawn* Then there’s “Kosher Soul,” black guy, who is converting to Judaism for his new celebrity stylist wife and all the challenges they face. Hmm…

Many people constantly complain about the lack of diversity on-screen and while I give Lifetime kudos for greenlighting Black programming, I’m not sure I am here for the programs they’ve chosen. Are you? Will you be watching? “Girlfriend Intervention” comes on Lifetime on Wed. Aug 27th at 10 p.m.


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