GG Townson talks stepping into the role of "Salt" for Lifetime's upcoming biopic, "Salt-N-Pepa," being born in the wrong decade, and more.


The made-for-TV movie about the first ladies of gospel was the perfect film to watch and Tweet about before Easter.

The film tells the story of real-life hero Antoinette Tuff, who stopped a mass shooting at a Georgia elementary school.


The film explores the crisis as a fundamentally human issue—a basic right to have clean water.

Lifetime is aggressively trying to rebrand their network and appeal to millennials. Serena Williams and Janet Jackson have secured deals with the network to produce new TV and film projects.

There’s a new show on Lifetime that’s making our hearts “Jump!” This show provides an inside look at the international competitive event filled with tricks, turns, tears and triumphs and examines what it really takes to make it as the fiercest team in the country. #TeamBeautiful has been obsessed with Lifetime reality show, “Bring It!,” […]

The reviews are in, and it looks like Whitney Houston‘s biopic was a hit with Black Twitter! Not gonna lie, we were all a bit concerned about how Whitney would turn out after we saw Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic (the producers got it sooo wrong for that one!). The casting was good and Angela Bassett had […]

Pat Houston has slammed Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic before it premieres tonight on Lifetime. As Whitney’s sister-in-law and former manager, Pat is not looking forward to the made-for-tv-film. It has a strong focus on Whitney’s time with Bobby Brown, and everybody knows that those were some of the most tumultuous years of her life. While […]

Miss D and the Dancing Dolls (with a few newcomers) are back like and if you can’t tell, I can’t wait to watch the girls sweep another award season! *Pops a squat and bucks for dear life* As a self-proclaimed “Bring It” fanatic, my excitement for season 2 of the popular dance show is jumping […]

There’s a new trailer for Lifetime’s wedding rom-com, starring Jill Scott, Regina Hall and Eve! It’s going to be sooo dramatic. Getting married is a major life goal for many people, but the story in “With This Ring” takes that to a questionable extreme. The story starts out with three friends–Viviane, Amaya and Trista (played […]

One founding member of En Vogue is a little salty about Lifetime leaving her out of its upcoming movie about the group, “An En Vogue Christmas.” Dawn Robinson is threatening to sue if Lifetime airs the movie about En Vogue because Lifetime hasn’t included her character in the film, TMZ reports. MUST READ: En Vogue […]