1. Beyonce Makes It Look Easy

Now that the “Mrs. Carter World Tour” is over, Beyonce is lounging. At least, that’s what we think. She made time to upload a few pictures from her elegant Met Gala festivities and a few pics of her rocking an Aaliyah shirt.

2. Beyonce Loves Her Fur

The singer looked cool as ever in her fur with her Aaliyah tee.

3. Bey & Jay Get Close

The power couple make time for a little PDA.

4. Bey Poses With Lupita

This picture serves all kind of fabulous.

5. Bey Before Her Met Gala Reveal

The star looked elegant and luxurious in her black gown.

6. Bey Enjoys A Spring Day

7. Bey & Jay Keep It Cool With Erykah

This picture just screams “fabulous”!

8. Bey & Solange Get Cutesy

The sister duo look chic and fun.

9. Beyonce & Blue Ivy

beyonce and blue ivy

Blue kisses…

10. Beyonce Lounges With Her Rabbit Ears

The hot mama dressed festive for the holiday.

11. Beyonce

The lovely singer posed in pastels.

12. Beyonce

The entertainer looks cute in her boots.

13. Beyonce

How does she jump in the air that high with a skirt on?

14. Beyonce

15. Jay Z & Nas

The two legends hung out backstage.

16. Beyonce & Jay Z

The couple kept each other close all weekend.

17. Beyonce & Jay Z

Don’t they look relaxed and happy?

18. Beyonce

Beyonce and Juelz are clearly having a good time.

19. Beyonce & Jay Z

The couple enjoy a live set.

20. Juelz & Beyonce

If you look closely, Beyonce’s face is peeking out of one of the circles.

21. Beyonce

The singer puts up the deuces for the camera.

22. Beyonce & Jay Z

The couple looks relaxed and chill.

23. Beyonce & Jay Z

Bey and Jay hang out backstage.

24. Beyonce

Solange’s big sister is all smiles during Solange’s performance.

25. Beyonce Hugs Solange

Solange & Bey share an intimate moment on stage.

26. Beyonce

Bey poses it up in animal print.

27. Beyonce

The singer is surrounding by flashing lights and lasers during the festival.

28. Beyonce & Solange Hug It Out

The sisters are extremely playful on stage.

29. Beyonce & Solange Does A Two-Step

They literally danced the night away!

30. Beyonce & Solange

But, that BIG hair, though? In love.

31. Beyonce & Jay Z Are Unbothered

The two made a surprise visit and we’re here for it.

32. Bey & Jay Look Gangsta

The couple stayed fresh during their visit.

33. Beyonce’s Grill

The grill Beyonce wore at the festival.

34. Solange & Mama Tina Groove Together

Even Tina kept it cute over the weekend.

35. Beyonce Poses It Up

Beyonce looks adorable in her sweatshirt and shorts.

36. Beyonce On A Polaroid

The superstar posed it up for the perfect shot.

37. Beyonce & Jay Z

The couple were lounging together for a glass of wine.

38. Beyonce & Blue

Bey and her daughter out near the water.

39. Beyonce

The wind whips her hair back and forth.

40. Beyonce

The singer is all smiles near the water.

41. Beyonce

How does she remain this tight, though?!

42. Beyonce

Playing around, doing cartwheels.

43. Beyonce & Blue

Isn’t Blue getting big?!

44. Beyonce

Bey hides behind a few tree branches.

45. Jay Z & Blue

Blue rides along with her dad.

46. Beyonce & Jay Z

The couple coordinate in streetwear.

47. Beyonce

The singer looks on.

48. Beyonce & Jay

The couple smile for the cameras.

49. Beyonce & Jay

Chilling courtside.

50. Beyonce & Jay

Are we loving Beyonce’s curls?

51. Beyonce Looks On

Bey watches the game.

52. Beyonce & Jay

The married twosome share a laugh.

53. Beyonce

Bey aces her impromptu photo shoots every time.

54. Beyonce

The singer poses on a sunny day.

55. Beyonce


56. Beyonce


57. Beyonce

Hey Blue, I see you!

58. Beyonce

Holy Beyzus

59. Bey & Kelly

Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland at Hennessy’s Super Bowl #AfterParty in NYC – Feb. 2

60. To Infinity & Beyonce…

While we’re all living our normal lives in America, Beyonce is continuing to slay overseas on her “Mrs. Carter World Tour” stops. The superstar was repping her (and hubby Jay Z’s) favorite designer Tom Ford with a gold Tom Ford mini-dress. Check out more pics from her “Mrs. Carter World Tour” that we found on Bey’s Instagram!

61. Beyonce

Where can we purchase this?

62. Beyonce

Release your inner fierceness…

63. Beyonce


She woke up like this…or nah?

64. Blue’s B-day Bash

Dangerous red lip

65. Beyonce


66. Beyonce

Stepped out in her Louboutins!

67. Beyonce

Wake up, flawless!

68. Mama Tina Turns 60

Jennifer Hudson, mama Tina, Kelly Rowland and Bey looks fab!

69. Beyonce & Jay-Z

Life likes a beach…

70. Happy New Year!

Beyonce donned this Versace-esque print on New Year’s eve while partying with Jay and Blue!

71. Beyonce & Blue Ivy

One hot mama!

72. Happy New Year!

Beyonce donned this Versace-esque print on New Year’s eve while partying with Jay and Blue!

73. Beyonce

74. The Sunset

Time to shoot a private “Drink In Love” video…

75. Beyonce

A day in the life of Beyonce

76. Yonce

All on his mouth like liquor!

77. Bey, Jay & Russell Wilson

Beyoncé, Jay Z & Russell Wilson courtside at the Brooklyn Nets game – Feb. 3

78. Beyonce

I woke up like this!

79. Beyonce

One word….Rawr!

80. Beyonce

Red hot!

81. Happy New Year!

Fix my lipstick Blue!

82. Beyonce

The Queen gets ready for her show in Amsterdam.

83. Mama Tina Turns 60

Family affair

84. Beyonce

As pretty as she wants to be

85. Beyonce

Thugged out

86. Beyonce

Bey’s body looks ah-mazing….

87. Mama Tina Turns 60

The Knowles women

88. Beyonce

Yonce all on his mouth like liquor

89. Happy New Year

One big happy family.

90. Beyonce

Can we borrow those glasses?

91. Bey & Blue

Say cheese!

92. Beyonce

Maxing and relaxing

93. Beyonce


94. Beyonce

Beyoncé attended HENNESSY VS Presents “Never Stop. Never Settle” at Spring Studios in NYC. #SuperBowl #AfterParty (Feb. 2)

95. Beyonce

Giving a salute to her crew before performing on stage.

96. Beyonce

Baddie Bey strikes again!

97. Happy New Year

Drunk in love

98. Mama Tina Turns 60

Blue kisses

99. Beyonce

Street art

100. Beyonce

Swag on 100

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