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Two beautiful and inspiring twins, Kirstie and Kristie Bronner, who recently made history, graduating from Spelman as the first co-valedictorians, have penned a self-help book to motivate young people to achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives.

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Double Vals: The Keys to Success in College and Life Beyond, is a perfect resource to achieve success through faith, discipline and good old-fashioned hard work. The book will be part memoir, part self-help and offers an abundance of practical advice to encourage students to achieve academic and personal success. It explores topics such as study tips, scheduling perfection, balanced living, committing to excellence and time management. “We tried to put in the book the mindset of success and strategies on how to get there,” Kirstie said. “Like being on time, valuing excellence and doing your best in everything you do.”

This book sounds like it could be a useful tool for me, not just students! Luckily, the girls claim the book isn’t only for students, “The majority of the book can be used by anyone who wants a greater level of life excellence,” Kristie said. “So we talk about the value of doing everything that you do 100 percent. Most of the principles are things that people can use even in their careers as well as in whatever academic level they are.”

The phenomenal 23-year-old twins used their uncanny twin powers to write individual chapters of the 175-page book separately and then came together to revise and edit. They admitted that they can’t even remember who wrote what in the book because they’re so connected in their vision! I love twin telepathy!

“In our upbringing, we learned a lot about leadership and life success because we come from a family that has demonstrated that throughout their entire life,” she said. “A lot of the principles are things we have learned, things we have soaked up by being around successful people our entire lives.” Their name should sound familiar to you if you’re immersed in the wonderful world of Black hair. These girls are a part of the Bronner Brothers dynasty, which basically proves that their greatness is hereditary.

There’s nowhere else for these beauties to go, but up!

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