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Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange released a statement on the infamous elevator fight video and there you have it folks…it’s time to move on.

Days after the release of elevator surveillance footage showing Solange attempting to pummel brother-in-law Jay Z with a violent rage, the Carters released this statement:

“As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it,” an exclusive statement to The Associated Press. “Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”

TMZ released the footage on Monday and the attack became front page news within minutes. While there was no audio on the tape, there have been many theories surrounding the cause of the one-sided fight. We’ll probably never know what caused the spat, but according to the statement, Solange was not drunk.

“The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false,” the statement continued. “At the end of the day families have problems and we’re no different. We love each other and above all we are family. We’ve put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same.”

The person who leaked the video was fired from his or her security job, but allegedly scored a $250,000 payday from the sale.

Sorry to break it to you folks, no relationship is perfect and if you thought the Carter/Knowles family was…think again.

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