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The manhunt for 'Stevie Steve' has widened after his cellphone released a ping 100 miles away from the murder scene.

Fidel Castro was reportedly suffering from Diverticulitis, a swelling of the liver. Find out how some Cuban-Americans are reacting.

The actor's family confirmed his hospitalization to HelloBeautiful Wednesday.

Munich police have reportedly asked civilians to not use social media in light of their ongoing search of assailants.

A suspect who was allegedly armed inside a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas, has been shot and killed by a SWAT team.

Legendary athlete Muhammad Ali has died from respiratory illness complicated by his Parkinson’s disease. He was 74 years old. On Thursday, news of Ali’s hospitalization broke, when spokesman Bob Gunnell informed press that the iconic boxer was being treated at an unidentified facility for a respiratory issue. While his condition was initially listed as fair, […]


What a tumultuous few weeks it has been for singer, reality star and former talk show host Tamar Braxton. By now everyone is likely clued in to all of the drama surrounding her departure from The Real, but right in the midst of everything unfolding Tamar disappeared from social media.   The […]

We are devastated by news of Prince's passing. We will continue to update the story as more details become available.

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Peter Liang, 27, the NYPD police officer who shot and killed Akai Gurley, has been found guilty of manslaughter, with lesser included charges of assault, reckless endangerment, criminally negligent homicide and official misconduct, CNN reports. Jurors deliberated Thursday morning, through a one-hour lunch break and into the evening. He faces up to 15 years in prison. Hurley […]

Manhattan residents reveal brown colored water just hours before the mega snow storm hits the city.

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Chicago police officers opened fire while on a domestic violence call in the early hours of Saturday morning on the city's West Side, killing two people.

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GOP presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (Texas), had a few choice words for President Obama when speaking to reporters on Wednesday after a meeting with Republican policy makers at the Capitol Hill Club.