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1. Shelia vs. Mike, “Why Did I Get Married”

Jill Scott’s character, Sheila may not have seen all the signs that her hubby, Mike was a lying cheater, but once he came right out and told her (after being outed), with a smug attitude, he told laid out what moves he was making with his new woman. Her reaction was priceless.

2. Michael vs. Fredo, “The Godfather: Part 2”

Michael (Al Pacino) banishes Fredo (John Cazale) from the family, both in business matters and as a brother.

3. Celie vs. Albert, “The Color Purple”

Miss Celie had enough of Mister dominating her and she decided that she was going to leave town with his former mistress, Shug Avery.

4. Brennan vs. Dale, “Step Brothers”

When your step brother puts his balls on your pristine drumset, all hell breaks loose! Clearly.

5. Doughboy vs. Ricky, “Boyz n the Hood”

Boys will be boys and brothers, Doughboy and Ricky were always at odds. Ricky was the apple of his mom’s eye and Doughboy was just rough around the edges without ambition. It was because of the mother’s favoritism that Doughboy was constantly seeking a fight with Ricky.

6. Duck vs. J.T., “The Five Heartbeats”

This is so not the scene I spent 5 days searching for, but it’ll do. Remember when brothers, Duck and J.T. fought over the same woman they both claimed to love? Then they made it a part of their show, as they ripped the clothes off of one another and created a showstopping performance.

7. Kathryn vs. Sebastian, “Cruel Intentions”

One of the best teen movies ever made has a sizzling brother-sister rivalry as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe make a bet with each other that has drastic consequences. Gross, but so good.

8. Andrea vs. Chris, “The Family That Preys”

Sanaa Lathan’s character, Andrea was being extra when she told her husband, right to his face that she has another man–the White man she’s been sleeping with.

9. Loki vs. Thor, “Last Fight”

It’s not just mortals that are plagued by sibling rivalries – the relationship between Norse gods Thor and Loki in the Marvel Comics movies is difficult on the best of days.

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