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“Scandal” actor Columbus Short is on one and we’re going to need for him to have a seat in the W-T-F are you talkin’ about stadium. The cantankerous actor called in to the Tom Joyner Morning Show at 4:45 am (PT), and left us confused as he rambled about women being insecure and his new single that no one cares about. (Yes, he’s singing now).

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He ranted about women wearing fake eye lashes and hair. “My single is about women who I believe need to feel confident in themselves. To be like ‘Look, this is what God gave you. You want a man, how about you just be confident in what God gave you.’ Stop trying to put on all that makeup. Stop trying to put on all that eyelashes and hair,” he said. When asked if the lyrics resemble the women he dates, he responded:

“How about every woman is not really confident. How about I’m not all the way really confident. When you know who you are, confidence is a humbling thing to, to, grasp.”

And then when he was questioned about how his wife feels about the new song, he coldly answered “I don’t care.” Listen to that awkward, full interview, here.

Short’s had a series of run-ins with law recently, including earlier this week when he allegedly threatened to kill his wife then commit suicide.

Roland Martin scored an exclusive interview with the actor for “NewsOne Now” and asked him directly if there are any truths to the claims.

“Life has the best scriptwriters of all time. That’s all I can say about that,” Short replied with a chuckle. “I don’t mean to laugh but it read outlandish and it sounds even more outlandish coming out of your mouth.”

Yeah…grabs seat. We’ve been over Short and now we think he’s just lost his mind. He better get a grip on his life before Shonda Rhimes gives his character Harrison (on “Scandal”) the boot!


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