Nas Likes It When The Grammys Get Sexy

Naswho seems like one of the most confident rappers ever, isn’t bitter about being nominated for 13 Grammys, but not receiving one. The icon spoke at a panel discussion for VH1‘s docu-series “The Tanning of America” about his attitude toward the pivotal music event and pretty much made us love him even more.

“I know the hugest platform for music is the Grammys, it matters . . . but something that huge is never gonna get it right. So it’s OK. It gives me the opportunity to wear a nice suit on a red carpet.”

He isn’t bitter about the Grammys, nor the young rappers in the game right now.

“As far as the state of rap music, it’s a lot of jingles . . . And that’s cool . . . I see a lot of young black kids making money, and I’m very happy with that.”

Types love letter…**sighs** Don’t you just love him? Kelis, what happened between y’all?!

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