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Who knew that we’d become so invested in the lives of Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, Tara Wallace, Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, Tahiry and Joe Budden. Their story lines have left us entertained, overwhelmed and at times, question humanity. As eventful as a time it has been, all good things must come to an end. While some things came full circle on part 2 of the reunion special, other announcements were made that begin a new chapter for some.

Just in case you forgot to set the DVR or just want to relive some of the greatest moments from the show, here’s our recap of the most compelling moments from the reunion:

5. Peter Gunz “I Never Would Have Married Amina”

Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace sat down for a chat…again, but this time, Amina didn’t storm off. She and Tara sat calmly as Peter explained why he cheated on Tara with Amina and how he would have never married her is he knew Tara still had feelings for him.

“To deserve either one of them, I need to work on myself,” Peter confessed. Well, duh Captain Obvious.

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4. Rah Ali To Joe Budden: “I will end you”

Things got pretty heated between Rah Ali and Tahiry when the girls met up on stage for the first time since their catty argument on the second-to-last episode. We thought the longtime friends would put their differences aside and make up but, we were wrong. Instead of hashing out their problems they began threatening each other in convincing tones. T one point, we were sure Rah would swing. However, Joe Budden wasn’t here for it. He dared Rah to touch Tahiry and Rah seemed more than eager to jump at the opportunity…until VH1 security jumped in front of her. Nothing went down, but Rah did leave Joey with a few words. “I am not Consequence” she said, “I will end you.”

3. Amina Is Pregnant

On this season of “Love & Hip Hop” NY we learned two key things: Amina Buddafly doesn’t like secrets and she likes to pull things out of her bra. It was only befitting that she reveal her pregnancy to the world (and Peter) in the same fashion she revealed her marriage to Tara. In an awkward Stevie J-like move, Amina pulled a used pregnancy test out of her top and threw it on Peter’s lap. Ew and ew. It was gross when Stevie J did it and it was gross when she did it. Peter stormed off stage because after all, he wasn’t aware that his wife was carrying his child. At the end of the program, Amina admitted that she found out about the pregnancy two days prior and didn’t tell Peter because she didn’t want him to tell her to keep it a secret. In a nutshell, she’s tired of being the secret.

Watch the clip, here:

2. Peter Apologizes To Tara

After storming off stage, Peter only wanted to talk to Tara. Odd since his wife just told him she was pregnant. So what did VH1 do? Make Amina leave the stage of course. Embarrassing. Peter returned, tears streaming down his face behind dark shades and issued Tara a sincere apology. “I will never hurt you again,” he promised her but it was clear Tara is past her grieving time and ready to move from the situation.

1. Saigon Is Legit Crazy

So about Saigon and his baby’s mother Erica Jean… They don’t need to be together, Saigon is clearly out of his mind. Not only do we think he’s bipolar, he’s legit an a**hole. After insulting Erica’s parenting skills and blaming his son’s slow ability to learn on her household, he told her to ‘Shut up.” Mo’nique questioned his behavior and he told Mo, that Erica only responds to that sort of aggression. Yeah, no.

Sai has some issues he needs to work out and we do not endorse men who engage in verbal or physical abuse. Get yo life!

“Love & Hip Hop” NY was way better than we could have ever expected. It sucks that we have to move on, but that “Basketball Wives LA” trailer is looking mighty juicy,,,maybe it won’t be so hard after all!

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