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PBS’s new series, “American Masters” will be exploring the life of the incredible writer and activist, Alice Walker tonight, February 7 at 9 p.m. on PBS with “Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth,” in honor of Walker’s 70th birthday and Black History Month. This documentary by Pratibha Parmar details Walker’s histrionic life as the daughter of sharecroppers in Eatonton, Georgia and through her iconic career. In it, you’ll get to see Walker detail her relationship with her mother, poverty and her role in the Civil Rights Movement.

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If you know anything about Walker’s writing, you’ll know that all of these factors played a major role in the themes of her writing. And because of that, Walker has gained international recognition for being one of the most influential and controversial writers of the 20th century. “People really had a problem with my disinterest in submission. And they had a problem with my intellect and and they had a problem with my choice of lovers and they had a problem with my choice of everything. Choose one, choose all, they just had a problem.”

The documentary features new interviews with Walker, Steven Spielberg, Danny Glover, Quincy Jones, Gloria Steinem, Sapphire and the late Howard Zinn (in one of his last interviews). What you won’t see in the film is Walker’s estranged daughter, Rebecca. However, Walker did choose to finally open up about their relationship because she’s been reluctant in the past. She said that she was hurt and baffled over her and her daughter’s broken relationship because according to her, they’ve been close most of their lives. But Rebecca has said that Walker thought that “raising children and running a home were a form of slavery.”

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Walker was asked if she thought her daughter would watch and she said, “I’m sure she will. I think she’d be very interested, at least on some level.” Well, we certainly are and will be watching.

Make sure you tune in tonight to PBS at 9pm!

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