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I need to eat, and I want to eat healthy, so to the supermarket I go. I usually don’t have much time, so I try to make it an in and out trip. Sound like you? I knew it…which is why I’ve created grocery shopping tips specifically for you lady. Ain’t nobody got time to be wasting time, so learn how to be superwoman in the supermarket and use these tips:

#1 Come to win. Come prepared.

Newsflash: healthy food shopping starts before you leave the house. So do yourself a solid and make a list sis. There’s nothing worse than wandering around without a plan. Studies show that people who chose their choices by memory buy less healthy foods than those who make a list. Meal planning is your key to keeping things right and tight lady. Basically, if you know you are set to make lasagna, then chocolate chip cookies will never make it into your basket. Come prepared, and come to win.

#2 Fly Solo If You Want To

I know you want to leave your kids at home and have some me time, but you actually should invite your toddlers to the grocery store. The supermarket can be a classroom for your little tykes. Showing them how their favorite cereal has loads of sugar can lead to more health conscious citizens. So go to the spa tomorrow for that release and let your kids learn a thing or two.

#3 Don’t Strong Arm It…Grab A Cart

Unless you are trying to become a professional juggler in the circus, grab a cart honey! Flexing your arm to grab some grub often leads to some awful choices. So here’s the deal, if you must strong arm it, fill your basket up with healthy grub straight out the gate that way when your biceps clock out there wont be any room for junk.

#4 Produce Some Produce Already

If you know what’s good then you will beeline it to the the produce section. Hit the produce and vegetable section first no matter what you do. The more the colorful the better. Stash a variety of fruits and vegetables straight out the gate and you will be all set for a healthy week.

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