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Winter is here! The harsh cold winter can be very damaging to your hair. This season is the most rigorous, and it is your hair’s number one enemy. Think hat hair, static hair, split ends, brittle strands of hair, and dry frizz. Yikes!

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But before we go into a full on panic, I’ve asked our good curlfriend, Jane Carter from Jane Carter Solution to give us her top winter hair problems and their solutions.

Winter Problem # 1 Hair & Scalp Dryness

Winter Solution: There is less moisture in the air during the winter months. Dry heat, and wearing hats and scarves tends to make the problem worse and dries out your hair, skin and scalp. Shampooing your hair to often can add to the problem. It’s important to mist your hair with a water based leave in conditioner daily to re-hydrate your hair and scalp. Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner or Quench is a great daily re-hydrator If you need to shampoo daily because you exercise or perspire often, you can dilute your shampoo with lots of water so that it does not strip all of your natural oils. Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo is great for that purpose. You can also co-wash, which means cleansing with a surfactant free cleanser that rids your hair and scalp of perspiration, oils and hair products. Creamy Conditioning Cleanser is great. You can also rinse your hair with super warm water and add your favorite conditioner to add moisture back into your dry hair and scalp. Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner if a great option for this. If you scalp is excessively dry, you can use Scalp Nourishing Serum to seal in moisture. If your hair is straight, using it in the evening and shampooing it out in the morning is great. If your hair is dry you can use it as a leave in scalp nourisher daily.

Winter Problem # 2 Flat Fly Away Hair & Static Electricity

Winter Solution: Flat fly away hair and static electricity happens as a result of a lack of humidity. Natural Hold Spray Gel is a water based spray with great hold. It’s great for root lift and reducing frizz throughout the day as well as fixing ‘hat hair’ and refreshing your style. It’s also important to seal in the moisture that you add to your hair with Hair Nourishing Serum or a small amount of Nourish & Shine.

Winter Problem # 3 Split Ends

Winter Solution: There is not really any way to fix split ends. You can use Condition & Sculpt for wash and wear hair to reduce the look of frizzy split ends. You can also flat-iron with Quench or Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner to help seal your split ends reducing the appearance of dryness and frizz. The best solution for split ends is to trim your hair often as well as choosing the right product which will significantly help to reduce the appearance of split ends.

What are some of your biggest winter hair issues?


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