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Do you love money? And are you for real for real determined to lose weight this year? Then this story is for you. According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, those with financial incentives are 36% more likely to stick with a weight loss program and lose nearly four times as much weight.

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Dieters waging money in a group competition lose even more weight – three times more than those with financial incentives alone, according to a University of Michigan study. I’m telling you, the scale don’t lie sis. So put your money where your sweat is and lose to win!

Risk A Little, Still Lose A Lot

Playing with money is no joke, so if you want to dip your toe into this option before diving all the way in, trust me, I totally understand. Here’s how- -start small and make it personal. For instance, if you have to have a new Michael Kors bag every season…then make yourself earn it. Create an “I did it” account and every time you lose a pound deposit $10-20 dollars. Overtime you will not only be a size smaller but you will have a hot new handbag to prove it. I can hear you already, “Bootcamp class?! I got $10 on it!”

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