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When Peter Gunz revealed the love triangle between he, his baby’s mother Tara Wallace and his artist Amina Buddafly, it was almost too crazy (even for reality TV) to believe. Gunz, who was still living with Tara at the time, married his side chick Amina then confessed to the affair on national TV. Tara and Amina eventually bumped heads…literally.

To express her hurt, Tara ripped up Gunz’s belongings, taking scissors to prized possessions like his guitar, etc. yet, in a surprising turn of events, Tara admitted to still sleeping with Gunz after his admission. In fact, she’s taken two Plan B pills since…

Tara’s been very vocal about her feelings on the situation and if she’s still in love with Peter. Read our exclusive chat with Tara and find out the answers you’re burning to know.

HelloBeautiful: What was going through your mind when you hit Amina?

Tara Wallace: It wasn’t the fact that she was married to Peter. Just take a moment to relate to me as a woman and put yourself in my shoes. I think it was the delivery in what she had to say and the scene after that was, ‘OK, now she knows, move on with life.’ Have you lost your mind? I don’t even remember that scene with Yandy…I definitely blacked out. I just remember seeing the idea, then having it and i don’t remember even processing what she said. I don’t even remember having a conversation with Yandy.

HB: How did you feel about Amina’s Mrs. Pankey tattoo?

TW: It’s so funny, when Peter told me about that tattoo…we were walking across 14th street and he was still denying that he slept with her. He was like, ‘Ya know, I do have something to tell you, though.’ I was like, ‘Well, go ahead and tell me.’ He said, ‘You have to promise to be cool.’ I said, ‘I promise to be cool’ and he said, ‘Well, although I never slept with her, she does have my name tattooed across her rib’ and I literally tried to slap two of his teeth out because you just fed me two blocks of lies and then you tell me this girl has a tattoo, now you’re insulting my intelligence.

HB: Do you believe Amina didn’t know about you?

TW: I didn’t know people still believed certain things like, ‘Well, I have a baby’s mother, we live together, but we’re not together.’ I didn’t even believe that at 23 [As women] we always have to learn things about relationships the hard way. We want it [love] so bad that we’re willing to overlook certain things.

HB: If he did divorce Amina, would you be open to working it out?

TW: I think that at this point of my life, I have to be able to look at myself and be happy and know that I’ve made the right decision. I think that it’s gone too far. I think that if I allowed myself, I don’t know if I would be able to forgive myself for allowing myself to go back and work out a relationship where someone has hurt me. At this age in his life, he knows better than to treat someone like that…so, no.

HB: In hindsight, what would you have done differently in your relationship with Peter?

TW: If I had to change something, nothing’s perfect, it would be that, I don’t know if I would’ve, there’s a lot of work that needed to be done, and I don’t know if I would’ve stuck around while that work should have been fixed. When I started to feel uncomfortable, I should have left.

HB: Could you ever even see Amina being around your children?

TW: That’s not even an option right now. That’s not even up for discussion. That’s not even a possibility. No.  Just because you choose a woman in your life, doesn’t mean you’re gonna force her into mine and that’s how I feel about that.

HB: What’s gonna happen on the reunion?

TW: I’ll be in a different place. What she was saying was bothering me at the time. I would have more respect for someone who said, ‘Ya know, what? I fell in love with him, I ignored the signs and now, we really are…’ For someone to just sit there and say, I have no idea where this came from, it just hit me out the blue.’

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