“Love & Hip Hop” NY was once the step child to VH1’s super successful Atlanta season, but now with a love triangle that supersedes Stevie J’s, the Big Apple is shining brightly. Last night the drama amped up and wigs were snatched, faces were slapped (we mean that quite literally) and the men were confronted for trifiling ways. Relive the glory or read what you missed, below…

Peter Gunz Reveals Affair To Tara

“L&HH” kicked off precisely where it left off: with Peter Gunz promising to tell Tara, the mother of his children who he was living with, that he had married his artist Amina. Peter issued an emergency text to Tara asking her to meet up with him. She  immediately obliged and met Gunz at Platinum Studios.

Just above a whisper, Peter revealed that he messed up. He admitted that he had been messing with Amina “a little bit” and when Tara asked for how long, he responded “What difference does it make?” Tara’s anger grew when he divulged that he and Amina had been sleeping together for a while. Oddly, he then placed the blame on Tara claiming she had a hand in his infidelities because they were arguing. Tara refused to accept that it was her fault, as she shouldn’t.

She attacked Peter, slapping him so much he begged her to “stop hitting.” Tara told him how loyal she hadn’t slept with anyone else in 13 years and he was too busy having sex with his artist to realize all she was doing for their family. Tara exited with a bang, pushing his guitar off the counter and claiming the instrument and Amina was all he cared about. What Peter failed to mention is that he wasn’t just “messing” with Amina but he had married her. No worries, it would soon come out.

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