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Has it been five long months of clean eating and regular workout dates with your trainer, yet your results are nowhere to be found? You are not alone. Fitness plateaus are tough to understand, however possible to overcome. So if you’re doing everything you should be doing and no longer seeing results, then check out this advice from exercise coach and author Shirley Archer and get ready to transform FitGirl!

Workout More Efficiently

Going to the gym a few times a week is not enough unless you are truly maximizing the time you spend there. First and foremost, intensity is everything. I always talk to my clients during our sweat sessions. Partially because I am a “Chatty Cathy,” and mainly because the functional information revealed is crucial.

Talking while sweating is the best way to secretly monitor your intensity. If you can carry a full on conversation during your workout, then the intensity is not high enough. So run your mouth during your next run and aim for 3-5 words per breath. In addition to this Archer suggests, “adding intervals where you work harder than you think you can for short bursts such as 30 seconds or even one minute, followed by a moderate recovery phase-repeating that multiple times.”

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