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If you go hard in the paint when it comes to your workouts, then you absolutely must balance things out with a little tender love and care. Your body will treat you good when you treat it good, so check out the three things I do in between workouts to stay right and tight.

1. Lay Your Head On My “Chillow”

Fatigued muscles swell, that’s just the nature of the weight/endurance training business. So what do you do when they really swell and you need the inflammation to go down for real for real? Ice those muscles girl. I keep a few ice packs in my fridge, however once I was introduced to the Chillow I swapped those rinky dink store-bought packs out quick.

This portable pillow provides instant personal cooling relief for people experiencing achy muscles. Really sore? Studies have shown alternating cold with hot to be highly effective in promoting both circulation and muscle recuperation. But with the Chillow, you may be able to skip the heat altogether. It can be customized to four different cooling comfort levels to satisfy personal needs, and once its temperature is set, it stays at that level and provides cooling relief for hours. So chill out after you workout sis and get you a $12.99 Chillow.

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