5. Recognize The Season You Are In

During the marathon, every single mile was different. Some were flat and easy breezy, while some were hilly and super lonely. I noticed this right away and remember thinking, “Drop in to whatever is happening while it is happening. Stay in the moment.” This reminded me of life. There is a season for everything. At times you may be surrounded with love and support and feel like you can take over the world (P.S. That was me in Brooklyn up there…this borough was all the way live and I will never forget how that fueled me!), however there will be times when you feel like you are going through the trenches alone. The miles and the times in life where I felt this way were absolutely the worse. But guess what? In an INSTANT things can suddenly turn around. Running across the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan at mile 15/16 was pure hell. But the sea of cheers that met us at the end of the bridge was certainly the silver lining. So just drop in and recognize there is a season in life for everything. All you have to do is: keep moving forward.

6. If You Want It. Prepare For It.

People think that since I am a professional FitGirl and former athlete that running a marathon is an easier defeat for someone like me. LIE. Anybody and any “body” can do what I just did. That is if they prepare for it. I officially trained for 6sixmonths for this marathon, however truth be told, the real training has been taking place for 31 years.

Running a marathon is physical yes, but it is also incredibly mental. The diligence it took to train directly affected my ability to perform on November 3rd. In 2003, I was entering my final year of college and a mile on the treadmill was a huffing and puffing sweaty 15 minutes. In 2005, I was living in Austin, TX and running more than five miles was crazy to me. By the way, five miles only happened the one time I got lost jogging Town Lake (can you say scary?!).

In 2008, I was finally living in NYC and when I attempted to run in Central Park, I realized that that place was only for running beast (soooo many hills). But in 2011, 2012 and 2013, I ran over a dozen races and countless training runs in that park, and on November 3, 2013, I ran this city and saw all five boroughs on foot. 26.2 miles didn’t come to me overnight. So if you want to be the CEO of the company, be a better employee. You want to be someone’s spouse, be a better friend. You want to be loved, love. If you want it, prepare for it.

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