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It came as a shocker to us all that Stevie J, in the midst of spending thousands of dollars splurging on his fiance Joseline Hernandez’s luxurious wardrobe of expensive furs and jewels, owes $1.2 million in back child support to his former fiance Carol Bennett. The whopping sum comes after 12-13 years of non-payment (minus the $132,220.30 she had received that includes a $35 check From where, she does not know).

Stevie has five baby’s mothers, including Mimi Faust, the woman we’ve come to know on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” This news is surprising since we’ve witnessed him to be so interactive with his daughter Eva (when he wasn’t with Joseline). While that was on TV, this child support case is real and Bennett is coming after Stevie’s wallet. In an exclusive interview with TheUrbanDaily, Bennett reveals why she waited so long to speak up and how he could even get away with owing so much in the first place!

“The thing is I haven’t been the one pushing to go to court. He’s tried to go to court to not pay anything and has been denied twice,” she revealed. “My daughter just started high school so we’re preparing for college. It’s time for saving. We have to make sure that they’re not just prepared academically. We have to make sure they’re prepared financially as well. We had an agreement in the child support order that he would provide insurance. But nothing for the last twelve or thirteen years had not been covered by Stevie.”

She went on to say, “My kids are 14 and 16. He has not made a voluntary payment in years. There’s a court order in place to pay x amount per month. If you don’t pay that, even if you can come close, it technically didn’t occur. He’s missed 168 payments.”

This is even more unbelievable since Stevie’s been flaunting his “wealth” on TV. “The problem is because it’s New York state, when you go from state to state, the state isn’t able to go beyond state lines. The case would have to become federal for New York state to enforce the child support law,” she said.  “Another thing is that a lot of his monies were being kept in businesses. When you change the name, it’s hard to continue to track those businesses. He changes the business name every two years. Also, he moves money and puts it in other peoples’ names. That’s what I think is happening. That’s what I’ve come up with because he does have companies.”

According to Radar Online, Stevie has been begging for leniency. He allegedly left a message on Bennett’s voicemail, saying: ”What’s going on, uh I see all this press it’s going crazy and then I see something ’bout a press conference on October 31. I would ask you not to do a press conference…so let’s try to figure out what we doing, what’s goin’ on aight?”

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