Lil Mo Confirms Rates Singer’s Sextape

We usually leave this religious stuff to our sister site,, but this was just to racy to pass up! These preacher’s these days are getting looser and looser with their sexual activity, ie: Detrick Haddon’s nude pic and now Kevin Terry’s sextape with another man!

Terry, an up-and-coming gospel artist, is under the Devil’s fire ever since a sextape of him giving a well-endowed man fellatio, went viral.

Well, we’ve seen said tape and homeboy is going in (du-rag and all)! His friend Lil’ Mo defended Terry to the JasmineBrand, calling him a good guy” and confirmed that it was him on the tape:

I haven’t spoken to him directly. I did get word he is mortified. I just want to hug him and say he will be okay. I can only imagine how he must feel. This is a low blow not only to his privacy, but some of the “deep and spooky” church folks are not praying for him. The comments I’ve seen people post, are just, hurtful.

She then rated his performance:

“I give it an A- only because he didn’t shed a tear. Nor did he gag. No shade. But when the smoke clears, I hope he can get a fresh start. We all done did some mess that if it leaked, babyyyyyy!”

She said it. Not us. Lol.

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