I Found Out The Truth About The Dog On Facebook

I love dogs, so when I went over to my boyfriend’s apartment one day and he had a pit bull puppy I thought it was adorable. Little did I know something so cute could expose the ugly truth about our relationship.

Ryan told me that it was his friend’s dog and that he was keeping him for awhile while his boy was out of town. The dog ended up staying for weeks — much longer than I expected — and every time I went over to Ryan’s apartment it felt crowded. For the year and a half that we’d been dating, Ryan’s place had practically become a second home. He like having me over and I liked playing house, but this dog situation was starting to get crazy. Dogs usually love me but the puppy was a beast whenever I was in the room! He would growl at me when I walked by, he tore up two of my favorite pair of shoes (of course all of Ryan’s kicks went untouched) and he’d always run in between me and Jason if we were getting close. It was like the dog had it out for me! Not to mention he cried all through the night and always had to go on walks or be fed, so Ryan never wanted to leave him. It was annoying, but I thought it was cute to see Ryan be so nurturing (“Aww maybe he’ll be just as good with babies one day!” I thought. smh). So I tried to be a good girlfriend and suck it up.

One week Ryan went out of town and I was stuck at his apartment on dog duty. Instead of going out, I found myself bored, half-watching movies, half perusing his Facebook profile, looking at pictures of us. I had a moment of longing for my boyfriend and wrote on his wall, “I miss you! And so does puppy! The apartment is too empty. Can’t wait until you’re back.”

Twenty minutes later, my uneventful night turned upside down when I was hit with a Facebook message alert. I didn’t recognize the sender’s picture or name, but the girl knew me. She said as much in her message:

“You don’t know me, but I know who you are. Ryan has told me all about you, but he told me that you two have been having problems and that you were about to break up. I can see now from your message on his wall that you’re still together. And that’s funny, because for the past 5 months, he’s been spending lots of time at my apartment, he drives my car and he’s even been taking care of my dog…the one you’ve obviously seen.

I just want to talk about all this woman to woman and clear some things up. Will you give me a call?”

And the chick really left her number! As tempted as I was to call and unleash my anger on this girl who admitted she knew my man had a girlfriend and she knew who I was (stalker!), she was irrelevant to me, so I went to the person who really needed to give me some answers: Ryan’s a**.

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Like the true $*%$#* #*@&$* that he is, this fool tried to explain everything away. Our “problems” that he told the girl about? “She happened to call once after we had gotten into a fight and I was mad,” he said. Driving her car, the one that he told me was a rental after his car went to the shop: “I was just using her,” he said, as if that made the situation any better. “I needed to drive something and she offered.” And that damned dog that was supposed to be his “boy’s!?” “I mean she was giving me money. I did what I had to do and took care of her dog for her when she needed. That’s it.” Then came the grand finale to this BS explanation: “I just didn’t want you to worry that anything else was going on, that’s why I decided not to tell you. But she’s a bi*ch for trying to start sh*t and contact you! I’m going to go deal with her!” he screamed in anger. So now it was all her fault? Where do some men come up with this logic? And who’s really falling for it?

I’m not going to lie, a part of me fantasized about going D’Angelo “Sh*t, Damn, Motherfu*ker” on both of them (if only he hadn’t ended up in handcuffs at the end), but what would dragging this unknown woman further into my life really accomplish? As much as I thought she was an idiot for falling for the age old “I’m breaking up with my girl soon” line, I couldn’t help but think about how I too had been played by all the lies. The obvious rage from being cheated on, aside, I was probably even more insulted that Ryan would lie dead in my face even after he was caught!

I could’ve easily tore up all his stuff and blamed it on the dog, but instead of acting like a complete animal, I packed up all my stuff and let that puppy handle his bathroom business all over the apartment a day before Ryan was scheduled to return (hey, I’m only human). The least he could do was clean up the crap after creating this colossal mess.

And wouldn’t you know that years after I dumped his trifling a**, Ryan still calls me full of apologies, talking about I’m “the one that got away” and trying to get back together? Meanwhile, I heard he’s moved in with some other chick and they’re expecting a baby. I feel sorry that she’ll have to deal with a newborn and a dog.

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