1. She Was Introduced To The World As Lil Fizz’s Cousin (B2K)

You might remember Jhene from the B2K days, when she was repeatedly featured alongside the group in magazines and music videos as Lil Fizz’s cousin, even though the two aren’t actually related at all but just grew up close like family. The group’s record company thought it would be a great marketing tool to promote Jhene’s music and get her face out there – and it worked! Jhene was featured in B2K’s music video, “Why I Love You” when she was only 13 years old and was signed to Epic Records. In an interview with Complex back in 2012, Jhene spoke on her experience working alongside B2K saying,

“I knew Fizz and he was like a cousin so they just thought that would be a good marketing thing. At the time, no one ran it past me because I was thirteen and at the time they started putting that on everything and it was the tagline. We went along with it because we were young. To me it is a whole lifetime ago because I was more focused on boys and having a boyfriend than doing music.”

Sounds like most of us at the age of 13! LOL

In case you want to relive the B2K days, check out the “Why I Love You” music video below. Can you spot Jhene?


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