2. She Has A Daughter By Omarion’s Brother, O’Ryan 

When Jhene was only 20 years old, she became pregnant by Omarion’s brother, O’Ryan, whom she was dating at the time. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Namiko, in November 2008. Jhene didn’t let the pressures of motherhood slow her down from her musical career. When her daughter was three years old, Jhene went to work on her mix tape, “Sailing Soul(s)” which she stated took about nine months to complete. She’s often spoke about the project stating that it wasn’t just something that she put out to get exposure or to get signed but it was a project that she genuinely worked hard on that turned out to be similar to an album! Hard work definitely paid off in Jhene’s case because her mix tape was absolutely amazing!

Watch Jhene and Big Sean perform, “Beware”:


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