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Staying on track with kids isn’t always easy. Some days I feel like I’m running a carnival of sorts with my hectic schedule and zipping them from activity to activity. There’s a lot of juggling and pre-planning to keep you on the right path and if you’re at the end of your rope as it nears the end of the year, then there’s definitely an app for that to get you get organized. There are a lot of apps with great features that makes organizing easy.

Here are ten organizational iPhone and Android apps to help keep you sane and in-sync.

1. How to Cook Everything

Let’s hope with all that you do, that you don’t forget dinner. It happens and that too takes planning and patience. This app makes last-minute meal-planning look like child’s play. From Mark Bittman’s popular gigantic cookbook, How to Cook Everything, this app allows you to create a shopping list, filter recipes by cooking terms, ingredients, technique, flavor and type. The app has more than 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to-illustrations. So even if you’re standing in the grocery store confused about what to cook for dinner, you can open the app and have at it and have dinner ready in due time. Price: $9.99

2. Remember the Milk

And speaking of cooking up everything, just in case you forget what to get at the grocery store, this app Remember the Milk allows you to add your to-do’s and organize your list with priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists and tags, search for tasks, receive reminders and sync up with the online version. Now you don’t have to cry over spilled milk because you forgot the milk and other essential items at the grocery store. Price: Free

3. ReQall

I have four kids at home who take part in at least five afterschool activities! Sometimes I forget who gets picked up and dropped off on what days. That’s where ReQall comes it. It’s a great IPhone app that manages day to day tasks with ease. You can voice record your schedule or activities or use text or email and the ReQall app organizes your info and lists by dates, locations times and keywords. The only way to forget anything with this app is if you forget your phone at home. Price: Free

4. Baby Tracker

For new moms, there is such a thing as “Mommy Brain” that makes you quite forgetful and having a busy baby doesn’t help your brain with the buoyancy it needs to remember. Now with Baby Tracker new moms can stay a step ahead of their baby’s sleep patterns and potty schedule, and you can track meals and more. Price: $2

5. Ringya

Busy moms like me have to deal with class lists, rosters, PTA contacts and just trying to keep up with the paper trail that can sometimes consume us. With Ringya app, you can put your IPhone or Android to work and take quick pictures of class lists, rosters, and any important info with your smart phone and organize those snapshots. Those digital files become sharable “rings” that can be stored.

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6. Intuition+

There’s nothing like an app that gives you the ability to seek advice and best bets from other on-the-go- moms like me. The Intuition+ app allows moms to get expert tips from the “Mom’s Toolkit” which features mom bloggers who give advice about activities for kids and so much more. This app allows you to create and manage your appointments, checklists, and to you can sync your calendar with the online Google calendar. There’s also a “Personal Assistant” that offers motivational messages advice and tips. This is a great way to stay on top of all your tasks.

7. Awesome Note

Awesome Note is pretty awesome. It has the functionality to allow you to attach photos, drawings and maps to your notes. This all-in-one app has an easy to use interface where you can drop and drag your notes easily without being connected to the internet to add your notes. You can email and share notes with ease and it doubles as a travel journal or diary. Price: $4

8. 2Do

Moms wear a lot of different hats and 2Do allows you to put projects, birthdays, and all your tasks into one place: your 2Do List! This app costs $9.99 but it literally allows you to customize it based on things you need to do. Need to pay a bill on a certain date? Need constant reminders when a project is due? 2Do will allow you to put them all in one place. It has the drag and drop ability making it a very functional app. You can create projects and checklists and you can add voice notes along with lots of other fun functions.

9. HomeRoutines

Oh how we all wish we could have someone to magically clean up when the going gets rough and we get too busy to sweep up the dust bunnies. HomeRoutines can’t take up the slack and help clean, but it can help to keep track of the household chores that you’ve forgotten about and put on the back burner. This app has easy-to-use checklists and constant reminders and will award you a gold star for each task you complete. It’s a great app to share with your kids who will feel accomplished helping you clean. Price: $3.99

10. Marble Jar

After trying to balance work and home life, who doesn’t like a little reward for all the work they’ve done? Marble Jar is designed for kids, but is a great motivator for moms who need that extra push to complete a project. You create various virtual “jars” for different things with a goal for each and you drop a marble in when you’ve completed a task and come a step closer to achieving your goal. Say you’re working out and you exercised for half an hour, drop a marble in the jar for a job well done. Did your kids clean their room or pick up their clothes off the floor? Drop in a few marbles to applaud them for their accomplishments. And once you reach a certain amount of marbles, reward yourself and your kids. This app and the lure of virtual marbles in the jar is a great tool to help you get organized in no time. You’ll be surprised how much a few marbles will stimulate and inspire your kids and it will keep you on track. Price: FREE

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kia Morgan Smith is a busy mother of five, wife and blogger at where she tackles the whimsical journey of parenting. She’s a busy mom managing many things like hectic after school schedules, dinner and world domination. 

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